How To Clean Your Filthy Keyboard in the Dishwasher

Do you ever know that a keyboard of a computer filled with dirt, stains and dust can be cleaned using a dishwasher? If your answer to this question is No, then it is time to know how to clean your filthy keyboard in the dishwasher without ruining the various parts in it.

Unlike cleaning a keyboard with an alcohol solution with a cloth and cotton swab or using a vacuum cleaner which is a time consuming and a very tedious process, cleaning the keyboard with a dishwasher will take only about fifteen to half an hour’s time and is very simple to undertake.

cleaning dirty keyboard

Steps To Clean Your Filthy Keyboard in the Dishwasher

Here is how a keyboard filled with dirt and dust may be cleaned through a dishwasher. Before starting the process, if you wish, you can clean the filthy keyboard which is filled with dirt, stains and dust with an air compressor. Begin the process by unscrewing the screws on the back side of the keyboard using a screw driver. You will find that there are lots of screws.


Care should be taken to ensure that every screw is unscrewed and kept in a safe place. After you had removed all the screws, you will see that the keyboard will come apart as two pieces. Now you will able to view the inside of the keyboard.

You will notice that the underneath of the various keys are made up of metal and plastic. You will also find a membrane which is dome shaped and also a controller. You can remove the membrane easily with your own hands without the help of any equipment. There may be screws which hold the controller with the cables inside. The screws may be unscrewed using a screw driver. Remove the controller and the cables and keep it in a safe place.

remove chip

Also, remove the removable circuit board which is behind the controller and the membrane since it is sensitive to water. Now you will have a disassembled keyboard without any parts in it. During the removal of the various parts inside a keyboard, a lot of dirt within may have fallen outside.

screws and chip

Now put the two sections of the keyboard inside the dish washer and wash it. Once it is washed and dried, reassemble the various parts as they were originally. Due attention should be given to ensure that the controller, the membrane and the cables inside are connected properly. Failure to connect the aforesaid parts properly will lead to non-working of the keyboard. Also, put back all the screws using the screw driver and you will have the fully cleaned up assembled key board.

keyboard in dishwasher

This entire process will take only fifteen minutes to half an hourCleaning a computer keyboard in a dishwasher helps us not only to clean up the keyboard within a lesser amount of time but also helps us to understand more about the various parts within a keyboard. The only area in the process in which one needs to be very careful is about disassembling and reassembling the various parts within the keyboard.