How To Clear Browsing History In Safari

The Safari Web Browser records and saves the history of all the web pages that you have recently visited. This can be a really helpful feature when you want to go back to a recently visited page without having to remember or search the URL.

But if you are on a shared computer, this feature can expose your browsing habits and all the sites that you visit to the other users of the computer. For privacy purposes, therefore, it is important to keep track of your browsing history and clear it if required. Mentioned below are two methods to view and clear your browsing history on the Safari Browser.

From The History Tab

Click the Safari icon in the dock to open the browser. Once opened, go to the History menu on the top of the page. The drop down menu that appears shows a list of the last ten websites that you have recently visited.

Just below this list is the list of your recorded browsing history sub-categorized by date starting from the previous day. If you have visited more than 10 websites today, an Earlier Today sub-menu appears above this date wise list. Clicking on any of the website listing will take you to the respective site.

clearing history in apple safari

Clicking on the dated sub-menu displays the websites visited on that day. At the end of this History drop down menu is an option marked as Clear History. Clicking on this option will clear all the recorded history in Safari. To check if the history has been deleted upon clicking the Clear History option, go back to the History menu. The drop down will now have no more recorded listings and the Clear History option will be grayed and disabled.

From The Edit Tab

The Edit menu on the top of the Safari browser page has a Reset Safari option that can also be used to clear your history and keep your surfing habits private. To access this option, click the Edit menu. From the drop down that appears, click Reset Safari. A confirmation screen appears which prompts you to select the items that you want to reset.

edit menu in safari

You can choose to clear the history, empty cache, clear the downloads window, remove all cookies, remove all website icons, etc. It also provides options to remove auto fill form text, saved names & passwords, recent web searches, and to close all Safari windows.

reset safari browser

Check the options that you want to reset and hit the Reset button at the bottom of the screen. To see if it worked, click the History menu. The drop down will be cleared of the saved history.

check cleared history

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Useful Tip

To keep your surfing habits private, you can also use the Private Browsing feature under the Edit menu.

private browsing in apple safari

When Private Browsing option is turned on, Safari Beta does not add web pages to History; items are automatically removed from downloads window; names, passwords and other information is not saved for AutoFill and searches are not saved in the Google search box.