How To Control Your Favourite Music Player From Firefox

Music is a great source for everyone to relax from the  rush of this world. While on the web, most of us prefer to listen songs to keep ourselves from stressing out. Those soft and soothing tunes releases the anxiety in us and helps us to concentrate more on our work. Sometimes our romantic talks over the net are made more beautiful while listening to those great romantic melodies.

But it is a pain to switch to the music player in middle of our work to change a song, increase/decrease volume, or for any other purpose and then come back to our browser. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, here is a great tool which helps in controlling your favorite music player from your browser.

How To Control Your Favourite Music Player From Firefox

‘Foxy Tunes’ for Firefox

Foxy Tunes is an add-on for Firefox which lets you control your favorite music player from your browser itself.

How To Control Your Favourite Music Player From Firefox

Foxy Tunes support a large number of players. Some of the music players which Foxy Tunes support include WinAmp, iTunes, Yahoo Music Engine, Padora, foobar, Windows Media Player etc. Foxy Tunes also lets you find lyrics, chords, cover and bio etc.

Install ‘Foxy Tunes’

You can get the Foxy Tunes add-on by visiting this link:

Just click on the ‘Add To Firefox’ button on this page. The add-on will start downloading. It takes just a few seconds to download it.

Control Your Favourite Music Player From Firefox

To install Foxy Tunes, you will need to restart Firefox. After restarting your browser, you will be able to use this amazing tool.

‘Foxy Tunes Interface’

After installing Foxy Tunes, you will be able to find its interface in the bottom right of your browser. The default player associated with it is ‘Windows Media Player’. But you can change it very easily.

Just click on the ‘Select Player’ icon and simply select the player you want to use with Foxy Tunes. You need not worry that your player is supported or not. Foxy Tunes support about 35 players and is a hit among a lot of users.

Additional Features

Along with enabling you to control your music player from your browser, Foxy Tunes also offers you many other benefits. You can search for lyrics, chords, images, videos and many more. Foxy Tunes ,owned by Yahoo, uses the ‘Yahoo Music’ platform to deliver these services. Yahoo acquired Foxy Tunes in 2008.

Twitty Tunes

Twitty Tunes is a service which lets you share updates on social networks about which song you are currently listening to. It is a great service. You can also choose to automatically share updates.


Another great feature of Foxy Tunes is that it offers you to create alarms and your music player will start at the time that you specify. You can also set a recurrent alarm. A sleep mode option is also available. Just set the time and your music player will close at that time.

Look of ‘Foxy Tunes’

You can also change the default look of this add-on. Clicking on the ‘Foxy Tunes Main Menu’ offers so many options. You can also change the default ‘skin’. Remember, you are controlling your music player from Firefox, you are not playing the songs in Firefox!