How To Convert A PowerPoint 2010 Presentation To Video

MS PowerPoint 2010 comes with a lot of new features of which one is creating a video of a presentation. It is surely among the most useful features of MS PowerPoint 2010. This is because in a life of a professional, there are many situations wherein the need of transforming a presentation into a video arises. Therefore, in this article, we shall check out how to convert a presentation made in PowerPoint 2010 into a video or movie.

Problem: The Target Audience Does Not Have PowerPoint 2010 On Their Machines

Let us assume that you are working as a Product Manager in an IT company. The current scene in its Mumbai branch is that the system administrator is replacing the PCs of all the other managers with laptops. Therefore, he is taking time to install the vital programs on the laptops that will have Windows XP.

However, you have to share a vital presentation that you have created using MS PowerPoint 2010 with the managers of the Mumbai branch, as they will have a call conference related to it after two hours with the client. Another problem is that you are currently at the Delhi branch. So, you are looking for a solution via which they can go through the presentation on their own.

Solution: Convert The Presentation To Form Its Video

Keeping the above scenario in mind, you can convert your presentation into a video or movie and upload it on YouTube or other service so that the managers can view the slide show. In other cases, the benefit of transforming a presentation into a video is that the target audience can view your slide show without installing PowerPoint.

This is mainly because they can see your presentation using any media player. To convert your presentation into a movie or video, MS PowerPoint 2010 comes with a built in tool so that you do not have to look for it in all directions.

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Implement The solution: Use The Create A Video Option

While you use this option to transform your presentation into a movie or video, you will be asked to specify the media on which you want it to run for determining the file size. For example, if you select Portable devices as the target media, the size of the converted file will be determined accordingly. This means that you can watch the presentation on a smartphone or iPod. Cool na? Well, here are the steps of converting your presentation into a movie.

1. Open your presentation in MS PowerPoint 2010.

2. Select Office --> Share. Alternatively, you can also select File --> Save & Send.

3. Select the Create a Video option located under the File Types section. The Create a Video panel is displayed on the right side.

4. Specify the video size by clicking the first drop-down list.

5. Enable/disable the recorded narrations for the presentation by clicking the second drop-down list.

6. Set the seconds that you want to allot for running each slide, if required.

7. Click the Create Video button. The Save As dialog box is displayed.

8. Browse to a suitable location for saving the video.

9. Click the Save button. The progress bar is displayed in the bottom right corner of the application.

By default, the presentation is saved as .wmv file that you can play in a compatible video player.