How To Convert An Old Computer Into a New One

Technology is advancing at such a high rate that many times our newly bought expensive gadgets become obsolete even before we have made good use of them. This holds true for PCs as well as some laptops. Nobody likes to use old technology when there is new one has easy-to-use and unique features.

tip to upgrade old pc

Does that mean that we have no choice but to let our old PCs and laptops sit and gather dust?

You have the choice of selling your old desktop or laptop. However, you will only get peanuts for something that came so expensive. In this article we will show you how to revive your old computer and make it at par with the new ones available in the market.

Tips to install new technology in old computers/laptops:

1. Change the Hardware

Upgrade the hardware to make your computer run on latest technology. Make back-up files for your system before changing the hardware.

upgrade pc

Upping the hardware will require you to spend some money but this will be a lot cheaper than buying a new machine.

2. Enhance memory of the computer

The best and most effective way of increasing the performance on an old computer is to give it more memory. Adding memory will allow you to do various things on the computer since the storage space would have increased.

enhance memory

3. Add Graphics Card

Graphics Card is also a good way of boosting the performance of an old machine. Install the latest edition of the video card. This will especially help if the motherboard of your computer includes integrated graphics. Before you install the graphics card, check the type of slots you have on the motherboard.

adding new graphics card

You don’t have to spend a fortune on graphics card. For machines that are five or more years old, graphics card can be bought online without spending much.

4. Replace the Old Hard Drive

A brilliant way of enhancing the performance of an old computer is to replace the old hard drive with a larger and faster one. Laptops normally have hard drive speed of 4200RPM. This can be upgraded to up to 7200RPM. This high speed will obviously better the read/write performance of your laptop.

new hard disk

Besides, if you wish to use your old PC again, you will need to replace the old hard drive that must have been completely exhausted. Moreover, hard drives are not expensive buy.

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5. Upgrade the CPU

If you are extremely tech-savvy or wish to become a geek, then upgrading the central processing unit is a good idea. Get a faster desktop CPU to increase the performance level of your old machine. However, changing the CPU involves plenty of complications and you might want to take professional help for this one.

upgrading the cpu

Unless and until you figure out which CPU is compatible with the motherboard, you should not install a new CPU with your old PC.

6. Install Apps

Many people don’t find much use for new applications that have recently flooded the market. However, using Portable Apps on your old PC is a good idea.

installing portable apps

These Apps use latest technology to run directly from the USB flash drive. This means that you get to use them without actually installing them. This is indeed a unique way of upgrading your old machine.