How to Convert Computer Graphics to Television

There is a very thick communication between a computer and television programme. A lot of effects in a wide range of variety enhance the looks of a television programme. Various kinds of software are used for this purpose. Imagining television without computer cannot be possible in today’s world when so many computer services are at disposal.

Computer and Television

Both computers and TVs work together to create whatever we see on the television screen. Both of them use a variety of connections which match with each other.

How to Convert Computer Graphics to Television

This makes it possible to convert computer graphics to become visible on the TV. In case there is a problem in the connections and they do not match, then video cable adaptors are used. They can alter any video output format to any other format.

Make the Connection

You will need to connect the computer and TV together. For this, you will have to have one port to the television set while the other end connects to the computer. You need to be familiar with what types of connections there are and how they are used. The knowledge of this thing will help you a lot to convert computer graphics.

Identify the Ports

Various TV models can have various ports at different places. There is no uniformity in their location. The same is for computers as well. So you will first have to find out the ports and their locations. Generally the ports on desktop computers are to the back, while for the laptop, they are seated at either of the sides.

vga port

Know the Difference between SD and HD

These days HD is available for both images and video. So you should be aware of what type you want to use or work with. If your TV and computer share the same type of port, then making the connection is easy – be it SD or HD. But remember that SD and HD videos use different kinds of connectors. If you are working with a HDTV, then you will need an HD connector.

When will you need an adaptor?

You are more likely to need an adaptor when the ports on your TV set and computer do not match. Suppose, your computer uses HDMI output, then you can connect to such a TV set that has a VGA input or with such an adaptor in question.

After connecting TV and Computer

When you connect the TV and computer with the necessary equipment, it should get displayed on the TV. In case the TV does not respond and does not display the computer graphics, you may probably need to configure your TV through the settings of the computer.


Right click on the empty desktop screen and click ‘Properties’ (some versions will show ‘Screen Resolution’). If you go through ‘Properties’, select ‘Settings’. Highlight second screen and choose the ‘duplicate’ option. Highlight the other monitor. Then, uncheck ‘Extend my desktop’.

extend windows desktop

Mac OS X

 Open system properties and then choose ‘Displays’. Select ‘Mirror displays’ box and you are done.