How To Convert VHS Tape Into A DVD

With the VHS tapes becoming obsolete, converting them into DVD mode is the best way to hang on to your precious memories. A VHS tape can be easily converted into a DVD and you can do it yourself as well. The conversion is very affordable so you don’t have to worry about the price either.

Let us look at some of the ways in which we can convert VHS to DVD

1.    Use an analog-to-DV converter to transfer the VHS video tape to a video editing program on the computer. The converter used can be a digital camcorder or a standalone analog-to-DV converter. Once the VHS tape has been uploaded to the editing software encrypt it to MPEG-2 format and create a DVD.

This method of preparing DVD from VHS tape is very lengthy; however, with this method you can edit the video to suit your needs. This method also allows you to add music and special effects in the video. But you must be ready to dedicate several hours to this conversion method.

2.    Use hardware capture devices for capturing the VHS video to the computer’s editing program. The device will help transform the VHS to MPEG-2 format. Your VHS tape will now be ready to be converted into a DVD. Technically, a one hour tape on VHS will be converted into a one hour tape in MPEG-2 format; however, you can do editing in the MPEG-2 files to shorten the length of the original capture. You can even cut the length of your VHS tape to speed up the process of conversion.

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3.    Connect the VHS VCR (or even your camcorder if you have one) with a DVD recorder alone. A standalone DVD recorder has the same software as a VCR; hence, both are similar in their workings. Once you have established a working connection between the VHS and the DVD recorder, you can expect a real time DVD copy of the VHS tape.

This method of conversion from VHS to DVD doesn’t give you an array of buttons and settings; however, this is the speediest and the most effortless way of transferring VHS tape to DVD format.

A DVD VCR with Firewire connections can even be attached to a DVCAM, a Digital 8 or even a VCR. The Firewire helps fasten the speed at which the tape is converted to DVD format. This method also produces high quality DVD tape unlike the quality of DVD tape generated by analog connections.

The video you want to convert should be of high quality or else the flaws will appear greater in the MPEG-2 format.

How to Get Better Quality DVDs?

•    Ensure that the head of the camcorder or the analog VCR is clean before you begin the conversion. Many times old tapes can leave layers of dust and rust on the head. This can greatly reduce the quality of the converted tape.
•    Use softer images when converting the video tape into DVD tape. Go to the settings in your VHS VCR and nullify the sharpness control. Soft images will emanate less sound during the conversion; this will let the MPEG-2 encoder record better.