How To Create a Flow Chart in Word 2007

Flowcharts are a helpful and easy way of introducing new ideas in a presentation. Office 2007 uses some very effective tools for preparing a flowchart that is easy to follow and is visually appealing as well. Various tools from Word, PowerPoint and even from Excel can be used for creating a flowchart in Word 2007.

How To Prepare a Flow Chart

First open a word file. Begin the flowchart from under the title of the article. The flowchart should be placed on the right side of the page. Go to Insert and then under Insert, click first on Ribbon and then Shapes. Shapes will give you many shape options that can be used for preparing the flowchart boxes. Once you have selected the shape, prepare an outline of the shape on the document. This will give you an idea of how your flowchart will look like once it is completed.

Flow Chart Shapes

The various shapes and boxes on your flowchart can be linked using several methods. Many people prefer the use arrow for linking. The arrow is the simplest of designs and you can worry about the graphics later once you have mastered the basic of designs. The graphics and special effects like fade-in/fade-out can be added once the flowchart is complete.

After choosing your format for the initial shapes of the flowchart, place the arrows in between the shapes to link them with each other. To create more boxes, simply copy and then paste the box in the desired location.

Adding Text To Flow Charts

You must first concentrate on preparing the boxes using various shapes and then placing the boxes according to the demands of the content of your presentation.

Once this is accomplished you can start adding text in the boxes. Adding text to the boxes is easy; right click on the box and select the tab “Add Text” that is given in the dropdown menu. Now start typing the content inside the box.

Formatting A Flow Chart In Word 2007

Word 2007 offers a mini formatting toolbar along with the text that you type within the boxes of the flowchart. This is a very useful tool when you are preparing the flowchart. However, if you don’t prefer using it then simply disable the toolbar so that it doesn’t pop up every now and then while you are working.

Use the Format option under Ribbon to format the flowchart. The option also allows you to change the colors of the boxes. An advantage of using Office 2007 for preparing a flowchart is that you can see preview of different formats by simply placing the mouse over the various choices given for effects.

This is a good way of preparing the flowchart as per your discretion without wasting much time and effort.

Features Of Flow Chart

A very useful feature in Word 2007 is the SmartArt. Using this application you can add visually appealing pre-designed graphic effects to your flowchart. The use of this application doesn’t involve any rocket science; you simply have to insert the given effects within the body of the flowchart.

SmartArt will give your presentation a more professional look. You should experiment with the various features and effects given in Word 2007. All these features have been added to help you prepare professional documents and to remain organized.