How To Create A Mobile Version Of Your WordPress Blog

A blog is definitely a great way to get recognized on the Internet. After all, each post on a blog is meant for sharing stuff with online users. However, when you have just introduced your new blog, you have to do something to drive traffic towards it.

One of the great ways to do so is to include the social network buttons such as Like of Facebook and +1 of Google+. Although this is a really cool way of diverting traffic, there is yet a missing factor that you need to take care of in advance. Let us take a look at this one before we proceed towards making a mobile friendly version of a blog.

create a mobile wordpress blog

What Is Yet Missing?

We know that more and more Internet fans are using smartphones to access their favorite sites and blogs. So, it is not necessary that the users will always access Internet only from PCs and laptops. This means that you need to ensure the visibility of your blog even on mobile devices such as smartphones to become popular on the World Wide Web. Perhaps, this is the first assurance that you must make for making your blog reach a variety of visitors. Remember, if the users are unable to see your blog on their smartphones, there is no point in having those social network buttons at all.

Are You A WordPress Blogger?

If you are using WordPress, there is no doubt that it’s a great tool for creating free, attractive blogs. However, even more fascinating is its ability to make your blog visible on most mobile browsers. If you have made a WordPress blog on your own hosting server manually, you will realize that the appearance of your site is the same on computers and mobile browsers.

This points out to the fact that your blog will not appear properly on the small screen of a mobile due to the change in pixel resolution. To solve this problem, offers corresponding iOS style themes for free so that the blog looks great even on mobile devices.

How To Obtain The iOS Style Themes In WordPress

It is the WPtouch plug-in that will do the work for you. Obviously, you will first have to install it. To do so, login to your WordPress Dashboard, select Plugins --> Add New from the menu on the left.

add new post

This will display the Install Plugins page. Herein, in the Search box, enter WPtouch.

install  wp-touch iphone theme plugin

This will display the Search Results page with the plug-in named as WPtouch iPhone Theme. Finally, just click Install Now for activating the plug-in.

install now wp-touch plugin

That’s it! Your blog should now obtain a good theme so that it can display itself nicely on the latest mobile devices. Do not worry; your computer visitors will still see the blog with the normal theme.

wp-touch theme

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Mostly, WPtouch does not need any twists or changes, but you can still change its settings for customizing the theme. To do so, on the dashboard, select Settings --> WPtouch.

wp-touch settings

You can then set the color, background, icons, fonts, AdSense ID, and Google Analytics code.

wp-touch background settings

You can preview the new look with the Safari 4 Developer Tools in Windows.

Are There Other Plug-Ins

Yes! There are many more plug-ins that aid in creating mobile-friendly versions of your WordPress blogs, but you need to change their settings for ensuring the ideal look unlike WPtouch.

Some of them are WordPress Mobile Edition that auto-detects a mobile browser request for your blog, WPTap that offers a variety of paid and free themes, and MobilePress that allows creating custom themes for mobile devices.