How To Create A Wiki Without Any Technical Know-How

If you are a beginner who wishes to create a Wiki but have no knowledge or skill of doing so; know that this is the right article for you to read.

You will be happy to know that in this article, you will learn to create a free wiki. One of the main reasons of creating a Wiki is online collaboration, which you now can accomplish without any cost via Google Sites. Yes, it is the online utility of Google Sites that aids you in sharing free Wikis across the Web. So, let’s start using it to create a Wiki!

wiki theme site

Accessing The Free Tool for Creating A Wiki

You first have to access Google Sites via Next, in case you do not have a Google account, you need to create one before creating a Wiki. However, I do not think that you need to do so, as you might be already having a Google account, which is something that almost all Internet surfers have.

Creating A Free Wiki

Now, click the CREATE button in red on the left to start the creation process. Once you do so, you will see that there are some templates to choose from for your Wiki.

create site on google sites

However, none of these templates suits your Wiki and so you will have to click Browse the gallery for more link in the last box.

This will display the Select a Site Template page with a new list of templates. Spot and click Project wiki for viewing its info and clicking the Select button in blue at the bottom.

project wiki

You will now see that the wiki template is added to the former list of templates with a red border of selection.

Now, enter a suitable name in the Name your site text box for describing the purpose of creating a Wiki. When you press Enter after typing the name, you will see that the page expands to offer more options. Notice the site URL that you can change as per your requirements.

naming the site

Now, click Select a theme for making your Wiki more engaging. Next, click More options wherein you can specify the site description, sharing/viewing level (all or some people), and type of content (adult). Lastly, you will have to enter the code and click the red button on the top.

google sites themes

You will now see your Wiki in action. Notice a thin yellow bar atop, which asks you to apply a new look offered by the Google Sites. Take your pick and go ahead.

adding members in wiki

Once you do so, it’s time to add the members and collaborators in the Wiki. To do so, click More --> Sharing and Permissions and you will see the Manage Site page with the selected option highlighted in red on the left bar.

sharing the site

Now, in the Add people field, you can enter the email address(s) of all those people whom you wish to add to your Wiki. When you click the empty field, it expands to give you more options. Note that when you add an email address of a person for inviting her/him to your Wiki, you can set permission for that individual by clicking the Can edit drop-down link besides the field or the Enable page-level permissions button at the top-right corner of the page.

sending email invitations

Adding Page Elements

To do so, go back to your Wiki URL from the Manage Site page and click the pencil-like icon button, Edit page atop. This will display a fixed menu and toolbar atop that is visible even if you scroll down.

adding page elements

Before you add anything, know that Google Sites allows inserting documents, spreadsheets, presentation, Picasa photo albums and other Google product elements on your Wiki page.

adding google product into site

Just click the Insert menu and you will know what all you can add on your free Wiki. Alternatively, you can add the required elements by clicking the New Page icon button next to the Edit page one.

Customizing Your Free Wiki

All the options for customization are present on the Manage Site page.

customizing site

You can change the color, theme, font, image, header, and layout of your Wiki by exploring the last three options on the left bar of this page.