How To Create an Alarm Clock Shortcut on Android 2.2 (Froyo)

Froyo does not approve shortcuts for your Android’s home screen. A little bit of online browsing can help you explore ways to create such shortcuts on Android using LauncherPro app. Froyo’s stock version will not allow alarm panel shortcuts. This can be tough on people who set alarms and timers on their smart phones. Here is the simple way to create an alarm clock shortcut on Android smart phone.

It is important to note that this process may not be applicable for HTC mobiles as they use other alarm apps. Yet again, you can browse for some similar tactics to come up with HTC alarm panel shortcuts.

Creating Alarm Panel Shortcut

The first step in this process is to download and install the Launcherpro application, which is a perfect home screen alternative. Now, you do not need to set up this app as your home screen to set the alarm panel but can use it as a home screen at any other time if you wish to.

You can browse to download LauncherPro from the online app store, download and then run it on your Android smart phone. When you click on the home button after download, LauncherPro prompts you to use its home screen as the default. You can use the default home screen and select the Launcher tool.

When you long press on the Android phone screen, many options open up and you need to select the shortcuts tab. In this shortcuts menu, select the activities tab.

Here you can see a long list of items. These include clock, alarms, alarm setting and more. You need to select the “alarms” tab. Soon as you tap and select the alarm option, it automatically creates an alarm icon shortcut on your home screen.

Interestingly, after creating this alarm clock shortcut on your Android’s main screen, you can even uninstall LauncherPro if you do not have any further use of this app.

Froyo Mobile Platform for Android

What exactly is Froyo? It is an operating system for your Android mobile. Most recently bought Android phones will have a Froyo operating system. An Android symbol greets the users soon after start up. Froyo also offers an updated home screen widget. The latest version of Froyo offers auto app updating, music sync, new browser and flash 10.1 supports.

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LauncherPro Installation for Android

LauncherPro will enable you to create shortcuts on Android Froyo. You can download LauncherPro just as you download and install all other applications from the Android Market store for your smart phone. After installation, you have to operate LauncherPro manually, and launch various shortcuts and programs.

Android’s latest 2.2 version has another popular name called Froyo. It is available on Nexus One and Motorola Droid devices. It promises high-speed performance and 10.1 flash support that enables smoother playback. The improved flash support also increases the gaming capacity on Android phones. Now, gamers will be happy to download and play all flash support games on their droid phones.

What other shortcuts did you add to your Android 2.2 smart phone recently? If you tried using LauncherPro for alarm panel shortcut, do let us know your experience with the app.