How to Create Your Own Custom Windows System Administration Panel

It can rather be annoying to open different windows for various system administrative tools like Event Viewer, Device Manager, Services and more. Not only is it quite a task to open separate windows, it can also lead to clutter on your desktop.

In this article we will tell you how to bring together all these tools in one window under the admin panel.

Creating custom windows system admin panel is not rocket science. In fact, the task is quite easy to achieve since almost all system admin panels have in-built plugins. These plugins are especially added for the Microsoft Management Console that acts as a wrapper framework when creating panel.

custom windows system administration panel

Tips to Create Your Custom Administration Panel

Go to Start Menu and open mmc.exe file. This search will open up an empty window.

create Custom Administration Panel

Click on File menu and select the Add/Remove Snap-in. Alternatively, you could press the Ctrl+M keys for shortcut.

add remove snap-in

Towards the left-hand of the screen you will find Computer Management, Device Manager and other such admin controls. Choose the ones that you would like to see on the left-hand pane. Now click on the Add button. You will have to add each admin tool separately to the left-hand pane.

add remove snap-ins

Once the tools have been added, a dialog box will pop up. The dialog box will give you the option of selecting the computer that will be responsible for the snap-in. Performing this step will give you easy access and control over the computers that are part of your network.

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After you have selected your computer, click on the Finish tab.

select a computer

In your list you will see “Link to Web Address”. This tool is primarily used for checking the wireless router’s admin page within your custom administration panel. For easy access, simply drag and drop the URL inside the box.

link to web address wizard

Give a name to this item. The shortcut to this tool will be available on the left-hand side of the menu given in your console. Once all of these steps are done, you can check the functionality of the tools by clicking on them one by one. If everything has gone right, the tools will work smoothly.

For example, clicking on the Linksys Administration tab will help you check and manage the wireless router within the panel itself.

linksys administration

Now go to File – Options and within Options select the “User mode – full access” for the Console Mode. Now click on “Do not save changes to this console” tab.

admin panel options

If you ignore to perform this step, you will receive automatic prompts to do so when you close the panel.

Again go to File – Save As and choose an appropriate place to store your console file in. Give the file a convenient name as well.

admin panel

You have now successfully completed the task of creating a single admin panel for the various admin tools. You can now open multiple tools in one window panel.

Now that you have a customized administration panel, it is entirely your decision when and what to use it for.