How To Create Your Own Professional Blog Using WordPress

Weather it is a commentary of your own personal thoughts or breaking news, or information on politics, technology, beauty, fashion, and more: blogs seem to have become the voice of the individuals and the world. There is a plethora of blogging platforms available these days that you can use to create your own professional blog.

The major features to look for when you select a platform or host are the availability of design tools like templates, plug-ins/widgets, text and html editor, preview before publishing, etc.

Also to be considered are the publishing and tracking tools like dashboard, traffic statistics, search field, archives, etc. Software/hosting, IM, Mobile phone, audio, video and text files support are the other key criteria for deciding on a blog host.

WordPress is a popular blogging platform which provides all of the above mentioned features and much more. It hosts hundreds of websites and blogs due to its effectiveness and ease of use. You can start your own professional blog completely free with the WordPress online interface or you can install the software on your own server and work from there.

Setting Up Your Blog

Starting your free professional blog on WordPress is as easy as signing up for an email service. Go to and click Sign up Now on the main page.

You will be prompted to enter a username and password. Check the Legal flotsam to agree with the terms and conditions. Below that, click the Gimme a blog radio button. Click Next.

The next window will allow you to enter your blog domain, blog title, language and privacy setting. Your blog domain will be (your specified name in place of the ‘domain’). The domain mapping upgrade can be used later to register an independent domain name like

The title can be anything of your choice. Make your selection for language and privacy option and click Signup at the bottom of the page. A confirmation email will be sent to your email account with a link to click in order to activate your account.

Once your account is activated, you can access it as an admin through the link in your email. You can also login directly through the admin page of your blog domain

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Adding Content To Your Blog

The admin page displays all the tools and settings for your blog. To add a new post, click ‘Add New’ in the left menu under ‘Posts’. If you want to format or edit the post, just take your cursor over the post and select Edit.

The Upload/Insert option allows you to add pictures to your post. Click Select Files to choose a picture file from computer.

Once uploaded, you can add caption and position your picture in the post. When satisfied, click Insert into Post. Inserting videos directly from your computer requires a paid upgrade. But you can upload YouTube or other online videos for free by selecting Upload/Insert Video->From URL tab.

Paste the link of the online video and insert into your post. When finished with writing & editing your content, and uploading picture and media files, you can click Preview to see how your published post will look like. If satisfied, click Publish.