How To Customize The Date Format In The Windows Taskbar

Have you just moved to Windows 7? If you are a real geek, you would be surely exploring this latest operating system. One of the tasks that you might be quite eager to learn is to customize the Windows 7 taskbar and desktop. However, in this article, I shall limit myself to customizing the taskbar.

So, have you ever thought of changing the typical date format in the system tray of the taskbar? How about displaying the full date instead of short date? Sounds interesting, right? Then, let us now explore in detail about setting up the desired date format in the Windows 7 taskbar.

Looking At The Different Date Formats In Windows 7

Before looking at the customization steps, let us first check out the different date formats that Windows 7 offers. We all know that d stands for Day, M for Month, and y for Year in Windows. You can set your date format in any of the individual combinations.

For day, the possible combinations are d/dd for showing day as a number such as 14, ddd for showing day as an abbreviation such as Fri, and dddd for full name display such as Friday. In case of month, you can choose from M/MM for showing month as a number such as 10, MMM for showing month as an abbreviation such as Oct, and MMMM for full name display such as October. In case of year, yy is for displaying the last two numbers of the four-digit format (for instance, 11 of 2011) and yyyy is for displaying the full four-digit format such as 2011.

Apart from the format pattern, you can also change the separators. Normally, we use ‘comma’ as a separator. However, you can also choose a space, dash, slash, and a dot. Now, let us take an example to know how to use these formats. If you want the display as Friday, October 14, 2011, you need to specify the format value as dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy. Let us now check out how.

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Customizing the Date Format in Windows 7 Taskbar

Now, it will be very easy for you to change the date format in Windows 7 taskbar. However, the steps are quite different as compared to the steps in Windows XP or Windows Vista. Below are the steps to customize the date format in Windows 7 taskbar.

1. Log in as administrator.

2. Click the bottom right corner of the system tray where the date and time are displayed. A pop-up dialog box showing the calendar and clock is displayed.

3. Click the Change date and time settings link at the bottom. The Date and Time dialog box is displayed.

4. Click the Change date and time button. The Date and Time Settings dialog box is displayed.

5. Click the Change calendar settings link. The Customize Format dialog box is displayed where you can customize the date format.

6. Click the Date tab in case it is not displayed.

7. Specify the desired format as explained above in the Short date field.

8. Click Apply.

9. Click OK.

10. Close all the dialog boxes. Check the new format on the taskbar.