How To Delete Hiberfil.sys In Windows 7 Or Vista

Some day you might encounter a heavily coded file in your drive occupying most of the space in your base. This is the hiberfil.sys file and needs to be gotten rid of immediately. Deleting the file will help you retrieve the much needed memory space. However, deleting the file is easier said than done.

But this doesn’t mean that the file cannot be deleted. In this article we will tell you how to do so. The size of the files on your computer is dependent on your system’s memory. This means that more the memory space of your machine, bigger will be the size of the files.

What Is Hiberfil.sys?

How To Delete hiberfil

Any machine that uses Windows as its operating system will have two options for the power modes that will not only help save power but also save your work. One power management mode is the Sleep mode while the other is the Hibernate Mode.

The sleep mode has a simple work principle; it will keep your PC running even under low power supply. So, if you take time to get back to your machine and the work that you had been doing, the monitor will show you the last work you performed on your system.

During hibernate mode the computer transfers the memory to the hard drive. Normally the memory is stored in the software of your PC. After transferring the memory to the hard drive, the PC shuts down. So your work has been saved though you will not return to a powered on machine.

How Does The Hiberfil.sys File Help?

How To Delete hiberfil.sys

The hiberfil.sys file is useful when the PC is kept in hibernate mode. The file is mainly used for storing the machine’s memory. The positive point here is that this makes it easy to delete the process since Windows is controlling the process file directly.
However, if you wish to delete the file (which will also turn off the hibernate mode option) then read on further.

How To Disable Hibernate (and Delete hiberfil.sys) In Windows 7 Or Vista?

Begin by opening any administrator mode command prompt. Next, right click the command file. Choose RUN as the administrator option. Use the syntax – powercfg-h off – as the command line. Run the command and the hibernate mode option will disappear from the Shut down menu.

The hiberfil.sys file would also have been removed. You can find out more about Hibernate Mode and how to use it by doing some research on the internet. There are many good sites that will give you an insight on how to deal with Hibernate Mode in Windows 7.

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How To Disable Hibernate Mode In Windows XP?

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Disabling Hibernate Mode is easy in Windows XP than it is in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. It involves a very simple process: Click Power Options under the Control Panel. In Power Option, uncheck the box next to the Hibernate tab. Re-start your computer and then delete the hiberfil.sys file. The process will be out of your life forever (unless you decide to re-install it!).