How To Delete Your Google Chrome Browser Sync Data

Google Chrome browser is one of the modern and advanced browsers created by Google, one of the world’s leading IT companies. Google Chrome browser, which was launched in the recent years, has many improved features which make online browsing experience an easier, faster, smoother and a wonderful one.

This browser has multiple tabs and also comes with a default Google search engine. Also the time taken for loading pages is much lesser compared to the other browsers. It also has many features including saving passwords and bookmarking pages. This browser is widely used by millions around the world.

Google Chrome Browser Sync Data

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Like all the browsers, Google Chrome browser also stores data. But one might need to delete those data from being assessed by others in order to protect their online browsing privacy. If one has decided to proceed with deleting the browser data and is wondering on how to proceed with doing it, then you are at the right place. This article provides a step by step direction on deleting the data from the Chrome browser.

How to Delete the Browser Sync Data

First of all, open Google Chrome by assessing it through the start menu of your computer or from the desktop shortcut. After one has opened it, move to the dashboard section at www. Then move to the Google chrome sync segment.

How To Delete Your Google Chrome Browser Sync Data

This segment provides details on when the data was last synced, the number of bookmarks, preferences, themes, Extensions, Auto fill data, Omni box data, applications, saved passwords and open tabs. On the right hand side of the sync section one may find a link which asks to stop syncing and deleting the data. Click on the link. One will see a message which reads as follows – ‘Chrome stores information on Google servers when it syncs.

Delete Your Google Chrome Browser Sync Data

If one is absolutely sure that they do not want to use sync any more, one may stop all syncing and delete the data from Google’. Then one may proceed further and click on the ‘Stop sync and delete data from Google’ tab provided below the aforesaid sentence.

Delete Google Chrome Browser Sync Data

Now one will see a message which reads – ‘Request to stop sync and delete data from Google is in progress. Please reload in a few minutes’. One may reload or refresh the Google – Chrome section after about five minutes and one may find that all the data have been deleted and nothing is left in the particular section.


Deleting sync information from the Chrome browser is very simple by following the aforesaid steps. It is highly recommended that if one is using a public computer or a shared computer he/she should delete the browser data to protect one’s online browsing privacy.

Also, if one is using their personal computer, it is recommended that he/she delete the temporary internet files and the Chrome data once in a while so that their computer will operate faster and will perform better. It is no big surprise that Google Chrome which is known for its advanced and improved features and making browsing experience a simpler one, has kept this deletion feature as simple as the other ones.