How To Detect And Repair Applications In Microsoft Office 2007

Consider a scenario wherein you are writing an urgent email to your client using Outlook and you suddenly see it crashing down. Isn’t this quite annoying? Well, on top of that, you then have to look for the root cause of the problem, which can even make you uninstall and reinstall the Office suite.

I am sure no experience can be as worse as this one with MS Office. However, what if you come to know that you can act as a smart doctor to locate and fix the root cause in no time without taking anybody’s help? Sounds quite interesting, right?

It’s Time To Use the Built-in System Care Expert

At times, the hitch can be in the entrails of your computer instead of MS Office suite. By this, I mean the root problem could be a crashed hard disk, defective RAM, or absence of latest service pack. In order to catch hold of the root problem, MS Office 2007 comes with an in-house system expert called the Microsoft Office Diagnostics. Shipped with MS Office 2007, MS Diagnostics refers to the tool that performs an array of tests to spot the problems and solve them with improved repair options.

It’s Better To Scan Each Corner Of The System Than Focusing Only On MS Office

MS Diagnostics works by scanning the entire system in different chunks. By this, I mean it scrutinizes the system by performing different scans to repair applications of Microsoft Office 2007. These scans are Setup Diagnostic, Disk Diagnostic, Memory Diagnostic, Update Diagnostic, and Compatibility Diagnostic.

In the Setup Diagnostic test, it scans the files and registry for problems induced by faulty installations and viruses. Next, the Disk Diagnostic test examines the hard disk thoroughly. Then, the Memory Diagnostic test scrutinizes the RAM, while the Update Diagnostic test checks whether all the updates are installed or not.

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These updates are essential, as they reduce the presence of bugs and ensure a stable system. Kindly note that this scan is performed only if you have enabled Check for Updates feature for MS Office. Lastly, the Compatibility Diagnostic scan points out the conflicting files that are triggering the problem. This is possible when you have more than one version of an Office application on your system.

Lastly, MS Diagnostics offer solutions from the huge database of Microsoft, which stores crash cases along with their probable solutions.

Start the Comprehensive, But Express Investigation Now!

Why not employ a crash course to solve the problem of Office application crash? Well, this is well applicable to the MS Diagnostics tool, but there is no 100% guarantee that the problem will be resolved. Nevertheless, it is yet an intelligent tool to get a rapid fix in case it is able to solve your problem in just a few minutes. To run the MS Office Diagnostics:

1. Close all open programs.

2. Select Microsoft Office Diagnostics from the submenu of Microsoft Office Tools located in the Microsoft Office menu of Programs. This will open the MS Office Diagnostics window.

3. Click Continue. All the tests are now displayed.

4. Click the Run Diagnostics button. The tests will run one by one.

Ideally, it will take 10-15 minutes to display a summary of the results in case of no errors.