How To Detect Fake Facebook Profile

Friend requests from unknown persons in Facebook often raises doubts regarding the authenticity of the unknown profile. Although it is not wise to accept friend requests from strangers, but those using social networking sites for promoting their business cannot restrict their choices of adding friends only from known circles.

Facebook has about 750 million users out of which one million profiles can be considered as fake. Twitter has the facility of labeling a celebrity account as fake if somebody tries to impersonate, but in Facebook each and every profile appears very realistic. Many users add fake profiles unknowingly and invite lots of problems like phishing attacks and hacking of personal information.

Vital Tips To Detect Fake Facebook Accounts:

The following tips may not produce foolproof results, but will give you some idea to identify fake Facebook profiles.

Check The Profile Picture:

Fake profile holders put up suspicious profile pictures in their accounts. Profile pic of any bold female or a handsome hunk with six pack abs should raise doubts about the authenticity of the account holder.

Long Friend List and Incomplete Profile

Fake profiles have too many friends about thousands in their list. It is suspicious enough to have so many friends within such a short span of time.You will find incomplete and vague information provided in the fake profiles.

Fake account holders do not apply too many efforts in filling up the profile information. Their accounts will also have fewer updates.

Suspicious Pic Albums

Fake Facebook profiles have too many pictures of varied unspecific topics in their albums and are open to public. You will not find pictures of their family and friends. Pictures in fake profiles are usually without any tags.

Long Distance Friend Request

You can suspect a profile if you receive a friend request from a person located thousands of miles away from your place.

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Unsolicited Friend Requests From Strangers

Generally, girls never send friend requests to strangers. If guys receive unsolicited friend requests from seemingly attractive girls, they should check their profiles before adding. The same concept is applicable for girls too. Fake profiles send these requests in guise either to create fake online relationship or to spy on other profiles.

Check Wall Posts And Comments

In case you add a stranger, check the regular updates in his/ her profile and study the comments posted on his/her wall. If the stranger daily posts something on your wall, then you should re check the authenticity of his/her profile.

Use Google Image Search to Detect Fake Profiles:

This tool is quite helpful in identifying fake profiles. This is the current feature introduced by Google.

1.    Log into your Facebook account and go to the profile page of the stranger.

2.    Download the profile pic. If you are not able to download the profile pic, you can download the thumbnail also.

3.    Then go to Google Image Search. Click the camera icon in the search bar and upload the profile pic of the stranger which you have downloaded.

4.    Click search and Google search engine will look for relevant information of the picture and display the search results. In case the profile is not genuine, you will be able to view the number of malicious links displayed by Google.

This is just another useful tip to track  a fake profile. You should follow other tips and trust your intuition to identify the fake Facebook profiles and protect your privacy.