How to Disable Caps Lock on Mac OS X

 Caps lock has been an integral part of a keyboard. It was a handful when there were the old typewriting machines. Even today, the Caps lock button exists on computer keyboards as well, though its use is diminishing bit by bit.

Capitalizing the first word of a sentence is what the grammar rules of the English language teach us. However, software programs like MS Word have auto capitalization option that reduces the uses of the Caps lock key even more (though actually the shift key can also be used).


Where is the Button Most Widely Used?

As a matter of fact, the Caps lock key is most widely used in the accounts section. Typing in the names and a range of numbers, increase the uses of the Caps lock key. When in the good old days, text needed to be typed in the uppercase, it was not feasible to hold down the shift key and type everything in the uppercase. Using the Caps lock key was a damn necessity then.

About the Mac OS X Keys

The Mac comes with a bunch of modifier keys. There is one Command key that is used like the master key. With the help of this key, you can carry out various other functions. It works just like shortcut keys. You can easily turn these Command keys on or off. It neither needs any add-on nor any app. In fact, the utility comes bundled with the OS of the Mac.

Another plus point is that when you turn the Command key on or off, the Mac needs no restarting. You can undo the action and bring the Command key back to life if you need to use them.

Turn off the Command Key

Access the “Apple” menu and then from the drop menu select “System Preferences”. Double click the “Keyboard” icon that you can find below the “Hardware” tab.

keyboard in mac system preferences

Click on “Keyboard” on top of the window. Next, you will have to reach the “Modifier Keys”. This button is located to the right bottom of the window. Clicking “Modifier Keys” will invoke the pop up window.

modifier keys

You should now see the “Select keyboard” drop down menu. Locate “Apple Keyboard”. To disable the Command button you will have to choose “No Action”. This sub-menu is located under “Command Key” of the pop up window.

As you are to the end of the process, click on “Ok” and close the pop up windows. Finally, you will see the main window still open. Click the red button to close it and finish the entire process.

Remapping Options

When you approach the step where you change the behavior of the Caps lock to “No Action”, you can see more options below. You can remap the same to a “Control Key”, “Option Key” or “Command Key”. In case you messed up with things and forgot what changes you made, you can click “Restore Defaults”. This will get things back to their normal place. Remember not to click on “Cancel” or it will undo all the steps you have gone through.