How To Disable Deletion Of The Recycle Bin In Windows Vista

Windows Vista has been shipped with many new features of which one of them is for the Recycle Bin. Unlike Windows XP, Windows Vista allows you to delete the recycle bin on the desktop just by right clicking it and selecting Delete.

Although this is an easy way to remove this standard desktop icon, it has sparked a new grave problem due to which the geeks want to disable deletion of the Recycle Bin in Windows Vista. In this article, we shall explore both the problem and its solution. So, continue reading further!

Problem: Cannot Restore The Recycle Bin After Deleting It

Let us take a scenario wherein you have deleted the recycle bin in Windows Vista and it now no longer exists on the desktop. Actually, you wanted to empty the recycle bin. However, the confusion stepped in the minute you saw the two options in the shortcut menu, Empty Recycle Bin and Delete.

So, when you wanted to empty the bin, your brain considered it as ‘delete’, which make you clicked that option. As a result, the wrong choice made the Recycle Bin vanished from the desktop instead of deleting the unwanted documents forever to save some disk space. Now, you actually want a document from the recycle bin in Windows Vista. So, what to do?

Solution: Restore The Recycle Bin Icon And Disable Its Deletion

Unfortunately, Windows Vista is the first one to generate this deleted recycle bin issue, as the former versions of Windows never provided the Delete option for the recycle bin as stated above. Now, there are two ways to solve this problem of which restoring the Recycling Bin is the temporary solution considering only the above scenario in mind. On the other hand, a permanent solution is to disable deletion of the recycle bin in Windows Vista, which will prevent such errors in future irrespective of the user operating the system.

Implementing The Temporary Solution: The Personalize Option Restores The Recycle Bin

Keeping the above scenario in mind, you need to first bring back the recycle bin in Windows Vista. To do so, right-click the desktop, select Personalize, click the Change desktop icons link located in the Tasks pane, and finally select the Recycle Bin check box. This will restore the icon back on the desktop. However, you never know who else will repeat the same mistake. Therefore, you surely need a permanent solution.

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Implementing The Permanent Solution: Perform A Registry Tweak for Disabling the Delete Option

To perform this tweak, open the Registry Editor by entering regedit in the Search box. Next, browse to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} and create a new key named Shell on the left side under which you then have to create another key called Delete.

Next, on the right side, specify the Delete key’s default value as Delete. Further, on the left side, again add a novel key called command under Delete and set its default value to rundll32.exe.

This solution replaces the standard Delete command with a new one that will run the rundll32.exe. Now, when the user clicks Delete, a valid process will run without showing anything to the user. Finally, the user will notice that nothing is happening.

Warning: The Delete key from the keyboard will still delete the icon, but one cannot do anything for that.