How To Disable The New Geolocation Feature In Google Chrome

If you were a Firefox user before shifting to Chrome, you must be aware of its Location-Aware Browsing ability, which is now introduced even in the latter as the new Geolocation feature. The most recent version of Chrome (Beta 5.0.375.23) is available with a new built-in Geolocation feature via which a site can determine the location of your computer.

Although this feature is enabled by default, the location-based details are not given to the sites by default. This means that similar to Firefox, even Chrome will take your permission to grant access to a site for tracking your computer’s location. Let us now explore this Geolocation feature in detail so that you will be able to comprehend why you would disable it.

Disable the New Geolocation Feature in Google Chrome

How The Geolocation Feature Works

Typically, via the built-in Geolocation feature, Chrome informs a site about your computer’s location so that you obtain the results according to your location. For instance, if you want to know the nearest shopping malls in your area, the site on which you are searching will surely need your location-based details. Normally, you would search by typing the keyword and location, but with the Geolocation feature, you just have to type the keyword and the rest will be done for you automatically, which means no further typos.

Let us assume that you are using Google Maps. In this case, you can activate this feature by clicking the tiny white icon after which a green toolbar becomes visible atop the Web page. Now, you can Allow or Deny the site to access your geographical details. Although the feature is enabled by default, Chrome will first ask your permission for allowing the site to access your location-based data.

Why Would You Disable The Geolocation Feature

Looking at the above working mechanism, it seems that the Geolocation feature is quite useful for the sites that render services according to your location. However, if you are very conscious of your privacy, you will surely not like to activate this feature! Further, you might also want to disable this new feature if you have allowed some sites to access your location-based data previously and now want to deny it only for security reasons.

Chrome offers three Location Settings based on which you can decide either to restrict the access or disable it completely. These settings are Allow all sites to track my physical location, Ask me when a site tries to track my physical location, and Do not allow any site to track my physical location. If you want to restrict access to the sites of your choice, the second option is for you, which is enabled by default. On the other hand, if you completely want to turn off the feature, you need to select the last option.

How To Inactivate The Geolocation Feature In Chrome

Here are the steps to disable the Geolocation feature in Chrome.

1. Open the browser.

wrench button

2. Click the Wrench icon near the Address bar. A drop-down menu is displayed.

3. Select Options. The Chrome Options page is displayed.

chrome options

4. Select the Under the Hood option from the left menu.

under the hood

5. Click the Content settings button that is located in the Privacy section. The Control Settings page is displayed.

content settings


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6. Scroll down to the Location section. You will now see the three options.

location settings

7. Select the Do not allow any site to track my physical location option to disable the Geolocation feature.

8. Close the pages.

9. Now navigate to Google Maps and click the white icon.

google maps does not have permission to use location

A message stating that Maps does not have the permission to use your location is displayed.