How To Disable Toaster Notifications In Windows 8

With every new version of Windows, the fans get a chance to play with a number of new features. While all of them seem to be quite handy, a few among those are really frustrating enough to behold. If this same belief is applied to the new features of Windows 8, you will find that the feature of Toaster Notifications is so annoying that you might want to put it off forever.

So, in this article, you will learn how to disable this feature of Windows 8. However, before you do so, it is worth considering the importance of Toaster Notifications so that the haste decision of disabling it does not force you again to enable it.

What are Toaster Notifications?

Toaster notifications are among those countless new features that have been integrated with Windows 8 Consumer Preview. In simple words, these notifications tend to alert the users about the continuing processes within the system, especially about the important ones, by displaying small pop-up messages. For example, if you have set an alarm, a toaster message is displayed to confirm that the alarm is set.

How To Disable Toaster Notifications In Windows 8

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Taking very little amount of space, the notifications neither obstruct the current activity of the user nor do they accept any kind of user interaction. In fact, such alert messages tend to fade in and out automatically. This is very similar to the small pop-ups that appear on Android devices to notify the user about the ongoing processes or changes.

You can consider keeping this feature on in Windows 8, in case you have many guest users who know nothing about Windows 8 and still want to access your machine that runs this latest operating system. Although the toaster notifications are really good to have in Windows 8, they can be irritating at times. Therefore, you might want to turn them off either temporarily or permanently.

What are the Steps to Turn Off Toaster Notifications?

You need to use the Charms menu for turning off the Toaster Notifications. Well, here are the complete steps to do so in Windows 8.

1. Press Win + C to open the Charms menu.
2. Click Settings that is located at the sidebar’s bottom. The Notifications icon is displayed at the bottom.
3. Click the Notifications icon. Hurray! You have just disabled the Toaster Notifications feature.

Disable Toaster Notifications In Windows 8

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Alternatively, you can also access the Notifications icon via the Desktop menu by pressing Win + i. Irrespective of which method you select, all the notifications including those on the lock screen might also get disabled. You might not want this to happen, as it is wise to view the notifications on a lock screen as well, for security reasons. So, to turn on the notifications on the lock screen, you will have to perform the following steps:

1. Click More PC settings in the Charms menu. The Metro Control Panel is displayed with almost everything being turned off.
2. Select Notifications under PC Settings on the left side.
3. On the right side, click Show app notifications on the lock screen. This will enable the notifications feature on the lock screen.

Turn off Toaster Notifications In Windows 8

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In case you want to disable the feature application wise, just click Show app notifications on the right side of the Metro Control Panel and toggle the setting against each application in the app list given below. And you are done!