How To Display your Location on Facebook to a Select Few

Of late, Facebook is undergoing constant changes in terms of its display, features, privacy, settings and user profiles. The much debatable changes include those related to timeline and the ability to know who unfriended you. Other changes and new features include the display of user location. It is a new service that is known as Facebook Places.

Display of Facebook Places

As mentioned above, Facebook Places is a service from the house of Facebook – the largest social networking site in the world. With this service, you can broadcast the current location. Therefore, your friends always know where you are. This is great development and it can help your friends keep in touch with you and always know your physical location.

For example, if you are in a theater or a shopping mall, you can let your friends know about your actual physical presence. The magic is that, it will show other people’s status – those around you, as well. So this actually gives more information than expected and required.

Who Will Be Able to See Your Location?

Well, this question has more to do with privacy than anything else. This time around, Facebook is extremely serious about this thing. The answer to the privacy concern has been dealt with some simple settings so that you can easily manipulate things according to your need. Facebook now allows you to control the visibility options of those places where you check-in.

How To Set Your  Facebook Privacy

Follow these steps to set your desired credentials. Go to Facebook Privacy and then navigate to Customize Settings. Here, you will see the option “Places I check in”. This is where you can set the options for whom the locations should be visible.

places i check in

You can choose from “Friends”, “Friends of friends” or you can keep it public through the “Everyone” option.

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Hide your Location on Facebook

Hiding your location is like taking a U-turn from the above-mentioned options. You can do this in two ways. You can either refrain from checking “Places I check in”. That should solve your problem. The other way is to set the custom choice “Only Me”.

hide location from all

Display Your Location To Selected People

As we all know the depth of Facebook as a social networking site, you can have a large number of contacts in a short span of time. So it puts privacy at utmost importance. For that reason, the question of sharing your location with only the selected contacts becomes needs to be answered satisfactorily. Sharing the location with your close friends and members of your family is safe.

show location to selected  people

You can carry out the steps as described here to expose your location to only people of your choice. For this, you will have to create lists according to your requirements. First, go to Facebook Friends page. At this stage, you will need to create a list of people you wish to share your location with. Once you are done with the lists, navigate to Facebook’s privacy page. Select Custom => Make this visible to and key in the names of the new list you created.