How To Dispose of VHS Tapes

VHS cassettes and some of the magnetic record systems are neither in demand nor are they manufactured any more. VHS tapes are being increasingly converted to DVD format because the VHS tape players, VCRs and VCPs, have also become obsolete.

Once the VHS tapes have been converted into DVD mode, disposing the VHS tapes becomes a problem. The tapes are magnetic and plastic in nature and therefore, pose a major health risk to humans as well as to the environment. Hence, disposal of VHS tapes isn’t as easy as simply disposing them off in the garbage bin. If they are disposed in the correct manner they can be recycled and reused without hazarding the environment.

Let us look at some of the ways in which the VHS tapes can be easily but safely be disposed.

1. First, collect all your VHS tapes and divide them into different piles:
•    Tapes to be sold (there are some tapes of classic movies, documentaries etc that are hard to come by).
•    Tapes to be converted to DVD format (you can do this to your old family recordings that are captured in VHS tapes).
•    Tapes to be given away (to movie libraries that collect VHS tapes).
•    Tapes to be thrown away (tapes that are no longer in good condition and cannot be converted).

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2. Prepare an advertisement for websites like Ebay or where you can sell your old VHS tapes. You can even check the yellow pages for locating video libraries and bookstores that collect VHS tapes. Sometimes, people will even trade your VHS tape for a DVD.

3. Get in touch with your local schools, libraries, orphanages, day-care centers, old-age homes and other facilities to check if they are in need of old or unused VHS tapes. Many times these facilities do not have the latest technology and make use of VCRs and VCPs to play movies etc. Donate the VHS tapes to these organizations. If none of the organizations are in need of the tapes then put them in the ‘trash’ pile.

4. Search online on how to convert the VHS tapes to DVD format. There are various ways in which the conversion can be done easily and successfully. You can even hire the services of a professional company for doing the conversion. Once the VHS tape has been converted put it in the ‘trash’ pile.

Think of non-hazardous ways of disposing the VHS tapes in the ‘trash’ pile. These tapes contain chemicals and materials that are non-biodegradable and can cause serious health ailments if they find their way into the food pyramid. If the tapes accidently find their way in the foods of the domestic animals, they can poison the milk we drink as well as the non-vegetarian foods we eat. Plastic and magnetic tapes have been known to cause death in animals like cows and horses. They pose a major threat to the sea animals as well.

So instead of throwing your tapes in the garbage can, contact environmental agencies as well as recycling centers that can help you with safe disposal of VHS tapes. You can even check out the site to take help for non-hazardous disposal of VHS tapes.