How To Download Complete Backup Of Facebook Profile

Gone are those days when people used to share their stuff via e-mails. Today, this sharing activity has taken a new leap through the social networking sites such as Facebook. Is there anyone who does not know Facebook? Well, I don’t think there is anyone who is so remote from this most crowded social network.

Just create a profile with the necessary information, invite your friends and relatives, and you are all set to start posting messages on walls, sharing photos, and enjoying a live chat with them. It’s really very easy to use Facebook.

However, have you ever thought of securing your profile information by taking its complete backup? Such a backup could be quite helpful in adverse situation wherein your account is removed or gets deleted all of a sudden. In fact, this can occur due to the wicked work of an intruder or hacker.

Overcoming The Adverse Situation

The good news is that Facebook has just recently incorporated a utility via which you can back up your complete profile by downloading it. This backup gets downloaded as a .zip file that contains all information such as photos, messages, and list of friends in a browser-friendly format. This means that the backup contains an HTML page via which you can view the profile content irrespective of the browser in use.

The Content In Backup

The .zip file as a backup would include your profile information such as groups, interests, and contact related details; the entire list of friends and some e-mail IDs; wall posts; content posted by you and your friends to your profile; notes if any; status updates; uploaded photos and videos; sent and received messages; events and past memoranda; and even comments made by you and friends on your photos and wall. However, you need to know that content such as photos of friends, their personal info, and comments made by you on other’s posts will not be downloaded.

The Steps For Downloading The Facebook Profile Backup

It is obvious that you will have to log on to your Facebook account to download the Facebook profile backup. Once you do so, follow the below steps to obtain the .zip file.

1. Navigate to Home --> Account Settings from the top right menu. The Account Settings page is displayed.

2. On the right, scroll down until you see the option, Download a copy of your Facebook data.

3. Click the Download a copy link in the option. The Download Your Information page is displayed.

4. Click the Start My Archive button. The Request My Download box is displayed.

5. Click the Start My Archive button again. A message stating that, an email will be sent when the archive is ready for download, is displayed in the box.

6. Click Okay. Wait for the archiving process to get over. This might take some time.

7. Click the link sent to your email.

8. Provide your Facebook password.

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9. Click the Download Archive button.

10. Unzip and navigate to the backup folder downloaded on your computer.

11. Open the index.html to navigate through the photos and content belonging to your Facebook profile.

You might want to take this backup at regular intervals if you frequently use Facebook. Perhaps, it is suggested that an active or frequently visiting user must take the backup once a week.

Note: It seems that not all Facebook accounts have been given this option of downloading the profile content.