How To Download Facebook or YouTube Videos Without Any Tools

Many a times, we like a video that is shared by one of our friends of Facebook so much and want to download it to our PC. However, till now most of us have not been able to find an easy way to do so. There are various websites available on the internet which can convert the ‘Watch Video’ link into ‘Download Video’ link.

But the download speed for this method is quite slow, which can be extremely irritating. Also, it takes double the time to first watch the video and then download it again to the computer. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to do this, here is a tutorial that will help you download videos from YouTube and Facebook, as well as from all kinds of video streaming sites such as dailymotion, veoh, and metacafe, without the need to download any additional tools.

download youtube videos

If you have already streamed the entire video on any website, you do not have to waste additional time to download it once again. All you need to do is locate your browser’s cache folder as whenever your stream any video, it is saved automatically in your cache folder. Simply copy paste the file from that folder to any location you want on your PC.

Before proceeding with the tutorial, make sure to uncheck hide files and folders checkbox.

Read on to find a step-by-step guide to learn how to locate your cache folder and find the video that you wish to save.

For Google Chrome Users

Case 1: If using Windows 7 or Windows Vista:

Google Chrome users who have windows 7 or windows vista installed on their computers, need to follow the below mentioned path to reach the cache folder of their browser.

C:\Users\Your username\AppData\Local Settings\Google\Chrome\UsersData\Default\Cache

In this case, C denotes your system root. You can replace ‘C’ with the system root of your own computer. However, in case you are not aware of what your computer’s system root is, you can substitute %systemroot% in place of C:.

Also, make sure to add your individual windows username in place of ‘your username’

Case 2: If using Windows XP

In case you have Windows XP installed on your computer, you can find the cache folder for Google Chrome at the following path:

C: Documents and Settings\Your username\Local Settings\AppData\Google\Chrome

For Mozilla Firefox Users

Case 1: If using Windows Vista or Windows 7

When using Mozilla Firefox on Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you can locate the cache folder at

C: Users\Your username\ApplicationData\ Mozilla Firefox, then choose Profiles

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Case 2: If using Window XP

In this case, the browser’s cache folder is available at:

C: Documents and Settings\Your username \Local Setting\App Data

For Internet Explorer Users

If you are using Internet explorer as your browser, simply point to Tools, click on Internet Options, then select General tab, and click Settings.

general tab settings

Doing this, will trigger a new window to pop up, where you need to click View Files button.

view files

How To Find The Video In Your Cache Folder

Now that you have located your browser’s cache folder, the next step is locating your video. This can be done by following few simple steps. Simply arrange all files in this folder according to size. Since video files are typically quite large, they would be located at the top of the list.

Simply play the available video files using VLC media player. Once you find the video you are looking for, copy it to any location on your computer.