How To Dual Boot Multiple ROMS on Android Phones

Android phones are increasing day by day. Android is generally a stack of software used for mobile devices. The initial software developer was purchased by Google Inc. The operating system of Android’s mobile phone is basically based on Linux kernel.

With the discovery of such phones, we can install and run multiple ROMs in the phone with the help of Boot Manager. But sometimes, installing and running two ROMs can be very annoying. To do such a thing, we need to take the help of Boot Manager. It will let you flash it to your SD card so that you can try out multiple ROMs in your phone. This application is officially supported by Motorola, HCL Vision, HCL Desire, HCL Inspire, and many others. The other phones also have this application but they are not officially supported.

To boot multiple ROMs on android phones, we need to follow the following steps:

Step one: Flashing of a second ROM: 

Before you do anything, you have to make a backup of your current Rom with the help of ROM Manager. You can also do it with the help of recovery module. This is because if anything goes wrong during the process, you can anytime restore the data from the backup.

You will have to download the boot manager and install it. After doing that, you will be asked to back up boot.img, after which you will be asked to install the ROM. Install the ROM from the zip file that you have stored in the SD card. You have to check all the three boxes and after it is done, you will have the option of booting into your new ROM. Go ahead with the option by clicking ‘Done’. Then your android phone will have a new ROM.

Step two: Install ROM Add-ons and the Google Apps:

After you have installed the ROM in your android phone, you have to install the additional applications of Google. Download the zip file of the applications of Google from the ROM. When you have done that, you will automatically be taken to the original ROM, this time with the Google apps installed in it. When you are installing a theme or any other zip file with additional apps, then you have to follow the same procedure, but don’t check any of the three boxes.

Step Three: Switching Between The Two ROMs:

When you want to boot another ROM, just go to the Boot Manager and choose the option of booting installed ROM. Once you have done that, it will give you a list of installed ROM, and when you have got that, you can reboot it into that ROM. Android phones come with different boot managers for different ROMs, so you can easily switch between the ROMs.

You may also switch between any numbers of ROMs. Five ROMs are allowed to be flashed at a single time. In this way, you will never get bored of a single operating system on your android phone. Hence forth do not think try it once.