How To Easily Email Web Page Links in Safari

Since the advent of internet, emailing has been one of the prime modes of communication. Be it personal messaging or professional communication, email is always at your service. What would you do if you like a picture on a certain web page? Save it to your hard drive and attach it to an email as an attachment? If you are using the traditional way, then the answer would be, yes.

However, with various users having various needs, various ways of communication are always being invented. One of them is emailing the web page link. With this option at your service, you no longer will have to copy-paste the content. All you have to do is to email the entire web page link. The recipient will get to view the entire page.

How to Email Web Page

There is a pretty simple procedure to go about emailing the page link. Let’s take a look at the steps you can carry out in the Safari browser. Click on the “File” Menu and move down to the link “Mail Link to This Page”. There is also a shortcut option of Ctrl+Shit+I to carry out the same steps.

Mail Link to This Page

Clicking on the above link, or using the shortcut key combination, will invoke the default email app. The details of the link will automatically be entered in the subject line. You will have to enter other details like the email address of the recipient in the “To…” field and the “CC …” field (the “CC …” field is optional).

mail link

Once done, hit “Send” and you have mailed a web page link as a normal email

Another Method of Sending Web Page Mail in Safari

You can send your favorite web page to your contact with the help of Leopard in Mac OS X. First key in the URL that you want to send to your friend. Then, select the address by clicking on the address bar only once.

Now, click on the “Safari Menu” to bring more options for you. Go to “Services”. It will open a list of more sub-menus. Point your mouse pointer to “Mail”. That will open more sub-menus under “Mail”. You will see two more sub-menus here – “Send Selection” and “Send To”. Click on the first option, “Send Selection”.

Sending Web Page Mail in Safari

This is where the Leopard comes into the picture. It will start the Mail on its own. If the app is not open, it will do so. It then builds a new message and puts the selected URL in the text box of the mail.

All you have to do now is to type the email address of the recipient, add a suitable subject, in the subject line. Adding a note that will give the reference of the web page link will be good as the recipient will get an idea about the contents of the page immediately.

Using the methods mentioned above will save you a lot of time and running through the entire process of composing an email from scratch, will not be needed. The entire process works as a normal email. So you can add more than one recipient through the “CC” option.