How To Edit Microsoft Word 2007 Documents In Print Preview

If you are a regular user of Microsoft Word 2007, you must be very well aware of the Print Preview option. After all, you need to see how a document looks before you print it. However, did you know that you can even edit your Microsoft Word 2007 document in Print Preview?

Well, this sounds quite interesting, isn’t it? Now, the question is how useful this can be in editing and printing the documents as to whether it will save time or eliminate that frustrating experience of switching between the Normal view and Print Preview? Mercifully, editing in Print Preview offers both the benefits. So, let us check this out now!

Problem: Switching Between Normal And Print Preview for Editing Is Frustrating

Let us consider a scenario where there are some 200 pages of a Microsoft Word 2007 document, which you have to preview and print. While previewing each of these pages, you find that more than half of the pages have some errors such as missing words. So now, you realize that you need to switch back to the Normal view for rectifying every page in which you find an error. It is obvious that doing so for almost 100 pages is not a feasible or practical option, as it is quite time consuming and frustrating. Further, doing so also might introduce new errors due to frustration. So, is there a solution?

Solution: Editing in Print Preview Is Rewarding

Not many of us are aware of the fact that editing a Microsoft Word 2007 document is possible in Print Preview. Not only you get to edit, but you also get to see those changes made permanently to your document when you return to the Normal view. So, now you do not have to switch between the two views for each page. Isn’t that cool?

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We all know that the Print Preview option reveals the exact look of a Microsoft Word 2007 document as it will appear after printing. It shows everything right from the font and size to images and columns along with the header and footer text. When you switch to Print Preview, you notice that the insertion point marker converts itself into the Magnifier that facilitates zooming. Now, what if this marker turns into the I-beam cursor to facilitate editing a document in Print Preview?

Implement the Solution: Magnifier Facilitates Editing in Print Preview

Yes, what you have just read as the solution is absolutely correct. It is not that obvious to identify how to do so, but at the same time, it is quite simple. Here are the steps of editing a Microsoft Word 2007 document in Print Preview.

1. Open the desired Microsoft Word 2007 Document.
2. Click the Microsoft Office button. A drop-down menu is displayed.
3. Select Print --> Print Preview. The document is displayed in Print Preview with the magnifier as well as with the Print Preview tab in the Ribbon.

4. Click the document once. The document zooms to a visible size.
5. Clear the Magnifier check box in the

Preview group of the Print Preview tab. The insertion point marker converts into the I-beam one that you see in the Normal view. You can now start editing the document.