How To Edit Text In A Webpage With Internet Explorer 8

In the world of browsers, it is the Internet Explorer that many of us do not like because of security loopholes and lack of development support. Truly speaking, Web developers hate this browser the most. However, it seems that Microsoft has realized this fact although lately.

Well, you can trace this realization in Internet Explorer 8 that is shipped with many new features for both the surfer as well as the developer. Talking about the features related to the Web development, one of the cleverest as well as most convenient features is the collection of Developer Tools.

The Developer Tools manifest as functionalities in a separate user interface wherein you can change the look and feel of the current Web page by modifying its HTML, CSS, or Script code. You can think of it as a WYSIWYG Web page editor. You can edit the images and text to view the effects directly either to test a Web page or to take a screenshot for teaching somebody. In this article, we shall limit ourselves to editing text in a Webpage.

Why Would I Edit Text In A Webpage

This is the first question that anyone would like to understand before using the Developer Tools. Moreover, it is necessary to know all the possible scenarios wherein this new feature becomes handy. Let us check out these different scenarios so that you can comprehend the significance of this feature of IE 8.

Let us assume that you have created a Webpage using MS Visual Studio .Net and have deployed it as well. Now, the client has asked for some textual changes that you feel are not worthy. Therefore, you want to make the client understand this fact. Moreover, your system administrator is installing the latest version of the above software, which will take more than an hour. However, you cannot wait for so long.

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In this case, the Developer Tools of IE8 come at your rescue. You can simply do the changes, take a screenshot, and explain the client as to why these changes are not that useful.

Apart from the above scenario, you can even use this feature to test a Webpage. By this, I mean you can observe how changes in colors, text size, and images can affect the overall look of your site. Last but not the least, you can teach somebody as to how to do a particular task such e-mailing and blogging.

How Do I Edit Text In A Webpage?

To edit text in a Webpage, you need to first open the required Webpage in IE 8. Now, press F12 to open the Developer Tools or select Tools --> Developer Tools from the Command bar. If this bar is not present, right-click the Menu bar and select Command bar to make it visible.

Pressing F12 will open the Developer Tools window where in you see two panels of which the left side shows you the HTML code.

To edit the required text, locate the required element, spot the text, and simply change it. Once you make the changes, go back to IE to view the changed text. Note that the changes will last only until you do not reload the page. If you wish, you can save the changes by pressing the Save icon in the Developer Tools window.

Tip: Press CTRL + P to pin the Developer Tools window so that you can view both the Webpage and window simultaneously.