How to Enable and Tweak your Safari Reader

Safari is a great browser with many innovative features. One of them is the Safari Reader. It essentially transforms your browser into a book to enable reading without advertisements & distractions and without having to worry about scrolling and skipping back and forth.

It works like a charm in both cases, whether you want to enjoy a relaxed and detailed reading or you want to give a quick glance or scan to a news item or article in a hurry.

activate reader in safari

Activate your Safari Reader

Whenever you are reading an article in your Safari browser, you will see a Reader button in the top right corner of the address bar. The button is grayed. To activate the Reader mode, all you have to do it click on this Reader button.

reader mode active

Alternatively, you can enable it manually through the View tab on the Menu Bar. Click on View and select Enter Reader Mode from the dropdown to enable the Reader mode.

The Reader mode now transforms the web page to a simple printed-book kind of format on a blank white page, retaining just the basic formatting and the in-line images. It also automatically adjoins multi-page articles so that you can read them in one step without any navigational clicks.

buttons on reader

Once you are done reading and want to exit the Reader mode, you can simply click the cross (X) icon on the page. Else, you can also click anywhere in the background, press Escape or simply click the Reader icon again in the address bar. The only thing to keep in mind is that the Safari Reader is for reading and you will not be able to view videos in this mode.

Tweak Your Safari Reader

You can tweak the Safari Reader to customize your reading experience with creative fonts and other features that are supported by the Reader.

Choose a Reader design or hack that you would like to use instead of the default one with  Antique theme. Download it to your computer.

antique theme for safari

Now, you need to override the default theme with the new one you just downloaded. In order to do that, exit safari and open the Program Files folder in Windows.

Browse down to C:\Program Files \Safari\Safari.resources folder.

reader html file

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The Safari.resources folder will have a Reader.html file. This is the default theme file for Safari Reader. Rename this file to Reader_old or something similar. You need to verify the file rename as Program Files is a protected folder.

renaming reader file

If you are logged-in as administrator, just click Continue. Now, copy the new theme file that you downloaded and paste it into the Safari.resources folder. Make sure the file name is Reader.html. Again, verification is required for copying file to this folderClick Continue.

approving file name

You have successfully changed the default theme of your Reader and when you launch your Safari Reader now, you will see the new design.

new design in reader mode in safari

In case, you want to revert back to the original settings, just delete or rename your Reader.html file and rename the Reader_default to Reader.html again.