How To Enable Desktop Notifications For Gmail In Chrome

How many times do you switch to Gmail in a day for checking new messages or mails? Well, I am sure that this count is such that it indicates nothing other than your tiredness and irritation. Constantly switching back and forth is not only a big irritator, but is also a speed breaker in terms of productivity.

Further, despite of this constant switching, there are full chances of missing a vital message just because you did not gaze at your Gmail page on time. However, did you know that you can now get rid of this constant switching easily? Are you eager to know how? Well, kindly read ahead!

desktop notification

It Is Through Desktop Notifications

If your browser is Chrome, you can take the advantage of its HTML5 desktop notifications that inform you about a new mail or message instantly by displaying pop-ups on your desktop. Once you enable the Gmail desktop notifications, a pop-up always appears to indicate the arrival of a new message or chat, which eliminates the need to switch back to your Gmail page. So, you still come to know who wants to chat with you or who have sent you a mail without looking at the Gmail window.

However, your Gmail window must remain open to receive the notifications. Overall, desktop notifications are quite easy to read and let you keep a watch on what’s going on within your Gmail account without actually focusing on it. To use this facility, you just have to enable it in Chrome and in Gmail as well.

Enabling Desktop Notifications in Chrome

Open the browser, click the Wrench icon located in the top right corner, and select Options to open the Options page.

wrench button

Now, from the left menu, select Under the Hood option and click the Content settings button on the right.

content settings

This will open the Content Settings page on which you need to scroll down to the Notifications section. Now, select the Ask me when a site wants to show desktop notifications option.


Finally, close all pages. You have enabled desktop notifications in Chrome. However, that’s not all! You have something more to do.

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Enabling Desktop Notifications in Gmail

Log on to your Gmail account, click the gear icon, and select Mail settings. This will open the Settings page on which you need to scroll down until you spot the Desktop Notifications section.

gmail settings

Now, select the Chat notifications on and New mail notifications on options. However, you can also choose to obtain notifications for only those mails that are marked as important.

enable desktop notifications

Finally, scroll down and click the Save Changes button. In case you want to turn off the notifications at anytime in future, you will have to perform the same procedure and click the respective off options in the Desktop Notifications section.

It’s now time to test! Simply send a mail to your Gmail account from another email address. I am purposely asking you to send a mail from another account, as you might not receive the notification in case you send it from your account to yourself. Further, you must ensure that your Gmail account is open in one of the tabs. This is vital to note, as the pop-ups will not show up if you have signed out from your Gmail account.