How To Enable Flashblock In Chrome (And Make It 5000% More Secure)

How many times your computer has been infected due to Web browsing? Rather, let me ask in this way: How frequently your computer gets infected after browsing the Web? Irrespective of how I ask you, I am sure that the reply would be shocking! This is because even I myself have observed this infection several times.

So, what people like you and me do in such situations? Well, install an antivirus or probably set up all the security and privacy options offered by the browser. However, there was something risky that was yet to be caught and thrown away, which I realized later. If you are able to discard this risky entity, believe me; you will make your system 5000% more secure! So, read on to find about this risky entity that still bothers your system without your attention.

flash block

What is the Threat to my Computer’s Security

Not many of us know that it is not the browser that is responsible for infecting the PC while you are browsing a site. In fact, it is the set of plug-ins such as those available in Java and Flash, which pose a great threat to your system. Unfortunately, they are not so safe that you can allow them to run. Despite this fact, there are some plug-ins that begin to run automatically on your machine without your permission.

How to Deal with this Threat

If you use Google Chrome, there is a reliable solution to this problem! It offers a built-in option to deal with the risky plug-ins so that your PC becomes much faster and safer. This is the Click to Play option that admiringly works across all types of plug-ins such as Java and Flash. This means that you can block all insecure plug-ins irrespective of their type. By the way, this option is also known as Flashblock!

How to Activate Flashblock

You need to first open your Chrome browser after which you have to enter chrome://flags in the Address bar. Doing so will show a page of experimental features that need careful consideration before activation.

Activate Flashblock

However, it is just fine to turn on the click to play option. So, just spot the Click to play option in the list, click Enable, and restart your browser by clicking the Relaunch Now button at the page’s bottom.

enable click to play option

You will see that the browser restarts automatically.

Next, navigate to Wrench --> Options --> Under the Hood page and click the Content settings button to open the Content Settings page.

content settings

Now, scroll down to locate the Plug-ins section and click the Click to play option for turning the feature on. You will also see the Manage exceptions button via which you can override this setting for some sites such as YouTube where you always want the Flash plug-in to be enabled.

enable click to play option-1

Next, click the Disable individual plug-ins link to open the Plug-ins page. On this page, you can disable any plug-in that you don’t want. You have now enabled the Flashblock feature in Chrome.

enabled plugins

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Shouldn’t we test it now? Okay, so simply open a page that loads a plug-in, for example, YouTube if you have not set it as an exception before. You will see that a small icon with the red cross mark appears in the Address bar, whose tooltip states that the plug-ins were blocked on this page.

flash blocked

Hurray, your PC is now 5000% more secure. However, if you wish to enable it, just click the icon atop the page, which says Click to run the Flash plug-in.

click to run flash plugin

Do you have some other ways of blocking the plug-ins? We would be glad to hear from you via comments!