How To Enable Priority Inbox on Android Phones

Google always comes with revolutionary concepts and ideas. The applications are so appealing and useful for the end users that they become an instant hit! The Priority Inbox for Gmail has been quite a success for the desktops, and seeing the success a similar version of Priority Inbox has been created for Android Phones.

This application has been received with great response and is in the category of popularity among the end users. This version of Gmail application comes with the most highlighted feature of separating the message into important and unimportant category.

enable priority inbox on android phone

The application actually learns over the time, which message is important and which is not! For example, if you have been sending and receiving mails frequently by someone, then messages from that address are considered important. It probably works on a buffer system, in which the most frequent address is identified.

This address will definitely change with time when your frequency of messages will change to another address! So you need not worry about adjusting the settings if your Priority keeps on changing. Also change the Settings such that you are informed when and important message comes in the Inbox. We will go more in detail to know more about Priority Inbox and how it works.

How to Enable Priority Inbox?

To start with, you must update your Gmail application to avail the Priority Inbox feature. Go to Downloads under Menu. You need to have Android 2.2 to be able to receive the update!

Set Priority Inbox as default if you require. This feature will let you see only the important mails or the Priority Inbox when you open Gmail. To enable this feature go to the Menu->More ->Settings and check the option of Priority Inbox as default option.

how to set priority inbox on android

Use Priority Inbox without making it default. If you do not want to exercise the benefits of making Priority Inbox as default, then you do not require making changes in the Settings. In this case you can access Priority Inbox by going to Labels. Interestingly, a mail is marked with the option of Mark Important or Not Important.

setting priority inbox on android phone

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Also, this Priority Inbox does not keep every mail synchronized. It has been noted that the last three to four days are synchronized. To change this, go to Menu ->More ->Settings ->Synchronization, and change according to your requirement.

android synchronization settings

Apart from the cool feature of segregating by Priority, this application changes the way you reply to an email also. There is a drop down menu at the top of the page which helps in replying and forwarding. You get rid of a series of back buttons to identify between replying to one sender or all of them. Also, you can just add in-line comments instead of the regular response.

When there is a long message thread, quoted text can be shown by you similar to the desktop version of Gmail. You can add the important label on your home screen of the Android phone if you require. Though because this change will cause a lot of disturbance on your phone as it will buzz on every reply! Needless to say that important message will settle on the top of your screen for your ease.