How To Enable Secure Facebook Browsing

Most of us can’t even imagine such a situation in our wildest dreams where we shout out our own credit card number to a restaurant’s cashier across the room to pay our bill. Obviously, such an act would not be safe at all and you would surely end up in all sorts of frauds as you never know how many people are listening to the credit card numbers in the room.

Take this imaginary situation as a simple analogy of carrying out banking transactions or making online purchases, or sharing your personal or sensitive data, financial or credit card information over an insecure internet connection.

Secure Facebook Browsing

Just like it is necessary to carry out all online transactions and sharing of sensitive information over secure connections, it is equally important to browse Facebook through a secure connection to prevent loss or theft of personal data. Facebook actually has an in-built setting which allows users to browse Facebook through a secure https connection. This setting adds extra security to any Facebook account on which this setting is enabled. However, the important thing to remember is that, by default, this feature is not enabled and you need to enable it manually in order to activate it.

So, before using Facebook the next time, make sure to enable secure browsing feature to browse Facebook through https connection. This setting is specially important if you browse the internet on public computers such as in libraries or internet cafes. This is because publicly accessing internet greatly increases the risk of losing your login details to illegal third party sources.

Make Your Facebook Connection Secure

Securing your connection to Facebook is possible in just five simple steps.

1. First of all, you need to login to Facebook using your account details. Once you log in and reach the home screen, click Account Settings located on top right corner of the page.

account settings

2. Scroll down to reach the account security option; and there click on Change.

change account security

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3. Click on the check box next to ‘browse Facebook on secure connection’ option to enable the service; then click ‘Save’.

browse facebook on secure connection

Following the above mentioned steps will help you to enable secure browsing option on Facebook. If you want to ensure that the secure browsing option has been enabled, before changing the settings, check the web address of the page. You will notice that before enabling secure connection, the web address would start with ‘http’. After you enable the secure connection, you will be able to see a change in the page’s web address as now the web address will begin with ‘https’.

https in facebook

This additional ‘s’ in https stands for secure, which means an encrypted and secure connection between the web server you are connection to and your browser. Another indication of a secure connection is a small padlock symbol appearing in the browser. So, the next time you log on to Facebook, make sure to look for these indications and symbols of secure connection on your browser window before you share any personal details with others.