How To Encrypt Traffic Between Outlook and Exchange

Those who are using the Outlook along with the Microsoft Exchange server for the mailing service, especially in the corporate field, it is important for them to be aware that they are allowed to encrypt the network communication from and to the Outlook server and client. This is typically important to protect your data against potential hackers lurking around.

Data encryption assumes a lot of importance these days as just taking backups of the data is not enough. That may only save your data, in case your machine crashes fatally. Yet, the data is not safe if it is not encrypted properly. The following steps will show you how to encrypt your data and keep it safe from hackers.

Encrypt Your Data

Encrypting data is easier through a wizard. Open “E-mail accounts” under the “Tools” tab. A wizard screen will now pop up with a couple of options

E-mail Accounts

“Add a new e-mail account” and “View or change existing e-mail accounts”. The second option is selected by default. Do not change any settings on this window. Simply click “Next”.


The next screen will show you, the list of your e-mail accounts that you are using with Outlook. You can select an existing account to change its settings or even remove it altogether. On this screen, you have to select the “Microsoft Exchange Server” option. Select it and click “Change” to move forward.

There are many more settings to work on. So, choose “More Settings” when the next page is displayed. The next page will show you, the options in various tabs like “General” and “Advanced” etc. Click on the “Security” tab.

security tab

Here, you have to check the first option that says: “Encrypt data between Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server”.

microsoft exchange server

Checking the above option will make it sure that the communication that takes place after these changes have been made is encrypted. That also ensures that as the data is encrypted as well and will be safe. It would be wise to use this method once you have completed these steps.

Signing and Encrypting Messages

The outlook can sign as well as encrypt the messages. These encrypted messages then can be delivered to either internal or external recipients. However, for this encryption, you will require a certificate. You will also be able to deliver e-mails that are signed or encrypted. But for that you will need to make use of a recognized certificate. This certificate is identified as Digital ID. This is generally taken from any third party vendor.

When you get such a certificate installed on the client server, you can then send encrypted messages with the help of S/MIME. However, there is one restriction. You will be able to send the encrypted mails to any other user only if you can access their public key. However, this will only be possible when the other user sends you a signed message and then adds the same to the contacts list. Once the communication is complete, you will have the public keys at your disposal.