How To Export Documents From Google Docs To Your Computer

Have you ever felt the need to export or download documents from Google Docs? Well, if you have not, consider scenarios such as merging some docs or working with a few of them on another computer where Internet will not be available for few hours.

These are the situations wherein you will desperately need to download or export the documents from Google Docs, a handy way to edit, store, and access vital information from anywhere via an Internet connection. So, what will you do in such situations? Want to know about an ideal solution? Then, kindly read ahead!

export google docs

Download Documents From Google Chrome

The good news is that Google Docs allows downloading or exporting documents at anytime. However, now the question is how many documents can one export at a time? Well, this is something that we all will appreciate. Google Docs allows downloading up to 2GB worth of docs at a time, which is truly great. This means that you can download as many documents as possible until the download is within 2GB.

The two best scenarios wherein you might have to make a 2GB download are taking a backup or collaborating on official projects. You might want to take a backup of all your documents on Google Docs so that you can access them in case you have to work with them when there is no Web connection. Similarly, you might have to collaborate on your work or school projects so that you can finally present them to the target audience. Here’s how to export or download documents to your computer from Google Chrome.

Steps To Download Google Documents

The best part is that you need not use a third-party tool to export Google documents. This is because Google Docs itself allows you to do so via its Download option. Let us now check out the steps to download Google documents.

1. Log on to your Google account.

2. On the top black bar, select More --> Documents. A list of Google documents is displayed.

documents options

3. Select the desired documents that you wish to download or export.

4. Click the More drop-down button that is present atop the Docs page. A drop-down menu is displayed.

more drop down menu in google docs

5. Select the Download option. The Convert and Download box is displayed.

convert and download option

6. From the respective combo boxes, select the file type in which you want the selected documents to be converted. For example, you can convert all your documents into PDF. You can also select different formats such as Open Office and RTF for conversion.

download google document

In case you feel like downloading all files, just click the All items tab and repeat this step. Kindly note that the documents will be downloaded as a zip file.

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7. Click the Download button. A progress screen is displayed to show you that the files are getting zipped and ready for download. In case the download contains too many files, you can think of emailing it to yourself by clicking the Email when ready button. Finally, you see the Zipping Complete box stating that the download is over successfully.

zipping files

8. Click the Close button. The zip file is present in your Downloads folder. You can open it and extract the documents for working with them.

downloads folder

Have you found some other method of downloading Google Docs? Do share with us via comments.