How To Exterminate Malware Efficiently With Spybot Search & Destroy

Malware can wreck the most advanced of computers and leave users clueless as to how to get their machines back to the way they were before. For those who suffer with malware on their computer, Spybot Search & Destroy is a boon indeed.

This easy to use tool is quite thorough, and can deal with some of the most stubborn malicious software around. Therefore, if you have a problem with malware on your computer, Spybot Search & Destroy can help you exterminate this problem completely.

Spybot Search & Destroy is a very powerful malware removal tool that systematically and thoroughly scans your computer to trace and destroy any malicious code or programs. Apart from just scanning your hard disk, it also scans the RAM and other core files to ensure that your computer is completely free of any infectious files.

spybot search and destroy

For individual users, it is available as freeware and works just as efficiently as the paid, licensed version for corporates. Its great features, ease of installation and use, and free updates have all contributed to make this tool one of the best malware removing tools being used today.

Watching Spybot Search & Destroy at work is quite interesting. Scanning of your files is extremely thorough and you will see a tracking bar with a numerical counter at the bottom of the tool window. Along with the tracking bar and the counter, you will also be able to monitor what malware this tool is hunting for at that point of time. A list of malware that has been found will also be displayed.

Once scanning is complete, you will be able to see a consolidated list of problems that have been found as well as details about each issue if you choose to expand the list.

list of problems found

This is very useful if you have installed any software that is clean, but which is erroneously picked up as malware. You have the choice to deselect specific entries before removing it from your machine.

After finalizing on what needs to be removed from your computer, click the option called “Fix Selected Problems”. Choose “Yes” on the confirmation window that pops up. As the malware is removed successfully, a huge green checkmark will be displayed beside it.

spybot search and destroy

At the end of the removal process, Spybot Search & Destroy will give you a detailed list of all the problems that were fixed and will prompt you to restart your computer to remove any malware that is currently running in the background. Choose the option that confirms restart of your machine.

restart computer

While your computer is restarting, Spybot Search & Destroy continues to hunt for malware. This might cause your screen to go black before it restarts fully and could take a while for it to complete. It comprehensively disables even malware that attempts to restart itself on reboot and does not allow it to load.

removing malware during reboot

Wait until the process is over and this tool tells you once the scan is complete. Wait for your computer to restart normally, and enjoy the smooth working of your machine free from malicious software.