How To Fight Spam In Google+

Spam is aN internet slang used to describe the unsolicited social e-mails or the unsolicited bulk e-mails. These junk mails often contain advertisements for services or products.

Spam has had a steady growth since early 1990s. It is found that 80% 0f the spam are being send by Botnets or from net works of Virus infected computers.

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Reasons for Spamming

Spamming is a economically viable method to advertise products and services. Other than managing the mailing lists, there are no operating costs incurred by the advertiser. Since the cost is paid up by the carriers and the recipients, the spammer pays nothing towards the internet bandwidth tie up for the delivery of the spam.

They use the automatic program called the bots which scores the web and the Usenet newsgroups for collecting addresses or buy them in bulk from other companies. They also guess the addresses using generation programs and send thousands of mails which bounce most of the time. They very easily entice the readers to read their messages using the “subject” line and employ tricks to disguise the origin of the message.

The Potential Threat

Google+ being new in the network market faces the impending dangers of getting plagued by spam. The email delivery of Google+ has created a great attraction for the marketers. The mutually circled group of friends in Google+ is the potential target for the spammers.

Google+ has admirably baked into their product the antispam capability to enable the users to fight spam.

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How To Fight Spam In Google+

The Possible Ways

In case you receive messages from people who are not in your circle and you guess it to be a spam, you can click on the send an email to let the author know it and that you are not interested in receiving it.

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When the spam gets out of control, you can block it altogether by using the Blocklink in the bottom left. You can leave the burden to be tackled by Google+ by Report this profile link in the bottom left.

The softer option through which one can fight spam in Google+ is through hitting the “Mute” option at the foot of the notification mail. This will mute the post entirely and disable receiving notices from them.

Email notification settings can be changed so that you do not receive mails without your name mention in it. The notification settings in Google+ can be changed by using the settings tab in the gear icon. Simpler way would be to follow the link near mute option in the notification mail.

Fight Google Plus Spamming

Receiving mail from unknown person who is not added in your circle can pose a threat of spam. This can be dealt with by blocking the user. The block option allows you to report the profile to Google. Blocking the user will serve the following purpose:

  • You will never see their contents in your stream.
  • They will be removed from any of the circles you may have them in.
  • They will never be able to comment on your contents.
  • You will still be seen in the public posts by them.

How do we fight spam in Google+ The combat has been made simple by this amazing social net work with its ingrained facilities.