How To Find Commands And Functions In Office 2007 Easily

If you have installed Office 2007 recently and you were using Office 2003 earlier, than you may find Office 2007 Ribbon system quite difficult to understand. You may face a tough time to find commands to finish your work. Thanks to integrated “Search Commands” that makes your life easy and lets you to find commands promptly.

Introduction Of Search Commands

Take a situation: As per business requirement Office 2003 is surpassed by Office 2007 at work and your boss is after your life as your documentation’s deadline is coming closer. It sounds an annoying situation as you are not familiar with Office 2007 Ribbon feature. To beat this frustrating phase Microsoft “Search commands” comes in.

How Can I Get Search Commands

At the time of installation, Office 2007 gives an option to take part in Microsoft’s Office Labs Analytics. Now if you say yes to that option than you will get a helping hand, in the form of search commands, for your documentation work.

After getting installed in your machine you will get a new tab in your Ribbon with the name Search Commands.

How Can I Use Search Commands

As, I have described earlier that you will get a new tab in your Ribbon with the name Search Commands. You need to click on that tab and type in search command and push enter.

You will get related results in the number form which seems easy. However, you can use mouse to get any option suitable for your document.

Can I have Some Examples

Here are some examples to understand Serach Commands feature:

1) You want to increase the font size of headings in your document. Highlight the text, hit Search Commands tab and type in “bigger” and hit enter. You will see the whole lot of related stuff. This makes your life easy if you are stuck because of “Font” command.

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2)  You want to add different bullet points in your document and after messing up with Ribbon system you are getting frustrating. Using Search Commands you will find Ribbon system a piece of cake. As per this example highlight the text where you want to add bullets.

You need to type in “bullet” and hit enter. You will see every type of bullets. Just hit the type of bullet you were looking for and you are done. Easy!!!

3) In PowerPoint 2007 if you are looking for a new slide. Click on Search Commands and type in “slide” in the search box and hit enter. You will see the desired result.

Built-in Feature

It has a built-in feature that shows you unlike results if you type in a search command wrongly.

Wrap Up

This is one of the greatest features introduced by Microsoft Office 2007. I would recommend this feature as it takes few minutes of your working hours during installation but gives relief in rest of your documentation. As per sources Search Commands feature has been built only for Office 2007 with 32-bit versions of XP and above.

If, you are going on Google to find a particular command for Office 2007, than you are really wasting your time. Install Search Commands and make your life easy.