How to Find Out Who Googled You

Internet is surely the best place for searching people who are located in different parts of the world. It is certainly the most common platform via which several users search for the potential people for different purposes such as for offering a job or sending a marriage proposal. Performing such a search helps the concerned user in determining whether the Googled person is the most appropriate candidate. So, wouldn’t it be sensible to know who Googled you or is Googling you?

find Googled You

Let me ask you a question here: Have you ever Googled your colleague? Well, in this case, that colleague would be much interested in knowing who is Googling her/him so that she or he can choose the best employer. Similarly, even you would love to know who Googled you or who is Googling you, right? One way to know this is to receive an instant notification as soon as it happens. However, Google does not give you such a notification. So, let’s see how to find out who Googled you or who is Googling you!

Can I Exactly Find Out Who Is Looking For Me

Actually no! Nevertheless, it is possible to find out where and when someone is/was looking for you. To fetch this information, you have to allow yourself to be found and then track it. By this, I mean you need to take the advantage of those sites that publicize your profile and notify you when someone looks for it on the Internet.

How Do These Sites Work

Such sites aim at putting your profile in the search results, but at a higher position so that people looking for you can easily see your profile instantly. The moment someone clicks your profile, you obtain an alert in form of an email wherein the IP address indicates the location from where the search was triggered and the keyword specifies what exactly they are looking for.

Which Is The Most Famous Site For This Purpose

It is! All you need to do is set up an account by clicking the Join Free button. This is a normal sign up process wherein you enter your profile details.

Once your profile is set, know that it might take some time for your account to notify when somebody Googles you and clicks your Ziggs profile.

You can view the visitor’s location by selecting My Hub --> Search Alerts, which shows a map with a pointer to the location. Further, you can also come to know how that visitor arrived on your profile page. To do so, select My Profile --> Tools --> Stats wherein the visitors who Googled you are visible in the second section.

Can You Name Some More Sites,,, and are some more sites that notify when somebody Googles you. Among all of them, is a unique one, which allows the visitors to contact you without signing up. This is because it is a pure online address book wherein a contact can message you after searching you via Google.

What about Google Adwords

With the help of AdWords, you will only come to know about the number of times you were Googled via the global monthly search volume.

Google Adwords

You can see this by entering your name along with the other keywords related to your skills or job domain, which are commonly in use. However, you will not come to know who Googled you or who is Googling you.