How To Find Tracking Cookies On My Computer

Before you actually know how to find tracking cookies, let’s first understand what they are and why will you find them. Let’s start by defining a cookie so that you come to know how a tracking cookie differs from a normal cookie.

What’s A Cookie

A cookie refers to a temporary .txt file that stores information related to your web surfing on your computer. When you visit a Web site that has the ability of tracking your history via cookies, small pieces of text gets stored on your computer in plain text files.

How To Find Tracking Cookies On My Computer

Due to this, such a site remembers your identity and offers customized service for faster access. For example, it can store your user name and password of your account on your computer. The benefit of such a cookie is that you need not re-enter your credentials every time you make an attempt to log on to that site. Such a cookie is known as a first-party cookie. Usually, its file name matches with the domain of its respective Web site that you have visited.

What’s A Tracking Cookie

A tracking cookie is also a.txt file that a Web site stores on your computer. However, such a cookie aims at tracking your browsing history. It is normally used by marketers who are interested in your surfing activity. This means that a few sites keep an eye on your viewing and browsing information for commercial purposes via tracking cookies. Such cookies are known as third-party cookies.

While a majority of first-party tracking cookies are harmless, a few third-party tracking cookies can be used for fulfilling a wicked intention. This is the reason why many people want to find tracking cookies on their computer for deleting them before they prove to be malicious.

Moreover, it is always recommended to spot and manage cookies regularly so that you do not accidentally minimize your Internet security. Finding and removing these cookies becomes even more essential when you are using a public computer or someone else’s PC. Believe it or not, tracking cookies are always there on your computer.

How To Find Tracking Cookies Via IE 8

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Select Tools –> Internet Options. This displays the Internet Options dialog box with the General tab activated.

Find Tracking Cookies On My Computer

3. Click the Settings button under the Browsing history section. The displays the Temporary Internet Files and History Settings dialog box.

Find Tracking Cookies On My Computer

4. Click the View Files button. This opens the window with a list of all temporary files.

Find Tracking Cookies On My Computer

5. Look for text files possessing domain names that you haven’t visited, as these are the third-party tracking cookies meant for collecting your surfing history for assembling marketing data. Now, you can easily delete them.

How To Find Tracking Cookies Via Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome.
2. Select Wrench –> Options. This opens up the Options page.

Find Tracking Cookies On My Computer

3. Click Under the Hood.
4. Click the Content settings button. The shows up the Content Settings.

Find Tracking Cookies On My Computer

5. In the Cookies section, click the All cookies and site data button.

Find Tracking Cookies On My Computer

6. Wait for a few seconds to see a list of cookies under Cookies and Other Data.

Find Tracking Cookies On My Computer

7. Click the site that you have not visited, but its Locally Stored Data column shows cookies.

At this point of time, do not click those sites whose Locally Stored Data column shows only Local Storage. The area is expanded with the cookie names in small tabs. You can then discard all cookies by clicking the small cross icon at the top-right corner.