How To Find Your Google Analytics Tracking Code

If you are running a WordPress blog, it is always beneficial to identify what people are navigating or looking at while browsing. This vital task becomes easy with Google Analytics tracking code that collects the data of the visitors.

You just need to insert this Google Analytics code in the JavaScript block of HTML, which executes the tracking process when visitors view the blog. This execution gathers the visiting data that the Analytics server receives via the specific parameters passed as a list. Moreover, the Google Analytics Tracking code is essential whenever you want to implement a change on your site.

So, are you looking for a Google Analytics code for your blog? Well, you obtain this distinct tracking ID as a script while signing up for Google Analytics. It is this code that you add to the Head tag of HTML, not in the Body tag. If you had added this Google Analytics code to your WordPress blog instantly after signing in, you could have not long for it today.

Nevertheless, if you are making some changes, you will surely require the Google Analytics code again. Well, it is not that easy to find this code due to the lack of an obvious way. However, you can yet gain the code in two different ways. Let us now explore these two unique ways!

Getting The Google Analytics Tracking Code Smartly But Legally

To find your Google Analytics code, visit and click the Access Analytics button in blue. You might have to sign in using your Gmail account. If you have already logged in, a page displaying the list of Website Profiles will appear; which is also known as the Analytics dashboard.

From this list, click the Edit link under the Actions column corresponding to your blog’s name. A page with the Profile Settings will appear.

Now, click the Check Status link that is available at the top right corner. The Tracking Code page appears along with the complete Google Analytics tracking code for your blog. You need to now select this code and copy it into the tag of your WordPress blog.

In case of multiple sub-domains, top-level domains, or a blog for a mobile; click the Advanced tab and select the appropriate option from the left side of the list box containing the code.

Acquiring The Tracking ID OF A Blog Effortlessly

If you have WordPress plug-ins, you can easily add the code by just inserting the distinct Analytics ID. This is an easier way to insert Google Analytics tracking code, as you can easily obtain the ID.

To obtain this ID, simply log on to your Analytics dashboard. Now, you will be able to see the tracking ID or code just above the blog name in the format UA-[8 digits]-[digit]. You can now add this ID in your blog’s code.

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