How to Fix AVI Playback Bug in QuickTime 7.2 on Mac OS X

Apple has launched its latest version of QuickTime (v.7.2). This latest offering from Apple includes many features and enhanced applications. For example, one of the enhancements is the generic AVI playback that has been developed to support various codecs that include DivX, Xvid and an improved H.264. Along with this Apple also provides complete support of the screen even if the version hasn’t been registered.

fix avi bug in quick time

Problems with QuickTime 7.2 on Mac OS X

While all the improved and added features look rosy at first, the real problem arises when you try to run the program with third party codecs. There are several people who might have added third party codecs to QuickTime in order to include additional features. However, the updates in QuickTime delete all third party codecs. The removed codecs are replaced with QuickTime standard components. These are of course the new and improved components that are designed to give you the exact playback. However, there are many major issues involved with these components as well.

When you try to playback an Xvid/MP3 AVI file on QuickTime 7.2 it takes around 15 seconds for the program to startup. This pushes the CPU to 50% of its normal limit. Hence, these 15 minutes can seem like a long wait especially if you are in the habit of going through the clips in FrontRow in a much shorter time. The FrontRow is known for its ability to jump start QuickTime in order to browse through the thumbnails for every film.

Fix AVI Playback Bug in QuickTime 7.2 on Mac OS X

The only way to solve this problem is by re-installing the codecs that you need in order to playback the AVI(s) files. This will ensure that the AVI files are kept separate from the vanilla QuickTime components that are responsible for the problem in the first place. Perian is the answer to all your problems here. Earlier, there were many problems associated with Perian but not anymore.

If you still face problems with it check if your system is virus-free. Perian could also give you problems if the weather isn’t conducive. Once you are able to fix these minor glitches you will find it a wonderful experience to work on Perian. It can be downloaded from the internet for free.

perian to remove bug in quick time

Once the Perian has been completely and successfully downloaded, you will receive prompts from DMG. The DMG has been designed to automatically mount itself.

Now double click on the “Perian.prefPane’ file. Select the “Install for All Users” tab and then enter the password. You will be required to enter the password twice. After Perian has been installed, the preference screen will open up. In the latest version of Perian you won’t have to perform any more steps. This is unlike in the previous version where you had to manually tweak the .component file.

perian prefpane

So, you are done with fixing the bug in AVI Playback in QuickTime 7.2 on Mac OS X! You can play a full-length movie in QuickTime without worrying about picture quality. And starting up QuickTime doesn’t put much strain on your CPU now.