How To Fix Not Enough Free Space In Windows XP

Hard drive is the main storage space in a computer. The hard drive requires a lot of empty space to store the various operating system files, page files, software files and other files. If one notices that the hard drive is running out of space, it is essential to clean up some files in their computer to free up some space.

How To Fix Not Enough Free Space In Windows XP

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Normally, a desktop alert will pop up from the taskbar alerting the user that there is less space for storage in the hard drive.

Cleaning Up the Unwanted Files

Usually, the Windows built disk cleanup wizard in windows XP operating system is enough for cleaning up the unwanted files. By selecting the files that one wanted to remove, the disk cleanup wizard will automatically clean up those files thereby freeing up the much needed space.

Steps On How to Clean up the Unwanted Files

First and foremost, click on the Start menu of the computer and navigate to the accessories menu. Select ‘system tools’ from the accessories menu. From the system tools, select the Disk Cleanup option. The disk cleanup wizard will open up. One will notice that that there are a numerous file types with open checkmark boxes next to them.

Fix Not Enough Free Space In Windows XP

Put a tick mark by clicking on the boxes next to the files which one would like to get deleted. Usually, Temporary Internet files, Recycle Bin files and the Setup log files are selected. One may choose other files which they need to get deleted at this time.

Clean unwanted Space In Windows XP

After selecting the files to be deleted, click on the OK tab. It will again ask to confirm in order to proceed with deleting. Click on the Yes tab to proceed. Once the desktop cleanup wizard deletes the files, one will notice that there is extra space created in your hard drive.

Alternate Options to Free up Space in Hard Drive

Even after going through the above steps, if one’s computer is still low on disk space, it is advisable to delete some more files or remove programs that one does not need.

In case one needs all the files and programs, it is recommended to purchase an external hard drive and move the files to that external drive so that extra space may be created in the computer’s hard drive. Nowadays, external hard drives are being manufactured by leading IT companies and come with various storage capacities and are available in software stores all around the world.


Hard drive is the center piece of every computer. Therefore it is essential to have sufficient space in the hard drive so that programs and files can be saved and run on the computer.

If there is insufficient space, no more files can be stored and the computer’s performance will also slow down. It will also risk the possibility of a hard drive crash which may result in one losing all the data that they have saved in their computer. So, never ever let your computer run with low space and if you find an instance in which it is so, do know that it is time to use the disk cleanup wizard to free up extra space.