How To Fix Shockwave Flash Crashes In Google Chrome

Look no further than this article if your Google Chrome version has suddenly started to hate Shockwave Flash sites. Kindly read on to make your Chrome fall in love with those sites, as you will find the top secrets of doing so here. As a matter of fact, Chrome is more vulnerable to Adobe Flash, which is evident in terms of annoying crashes as well as recurrent lags.

Fix Shockwave Flash Crashes In Google Chrome

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Most of the times, in such a situation, Chrome users will face the Shockwave Flash Crash error and it is this error that they have to fix.

What is Shockwave Flash Crash?

When you try to navigate through a Flash-based site, such as YouTube; Chrome tends to display an error message that the Shockwave Flash plugin has crashed. This message conveys that the Flash player plugin of Adobe has crashed, which means it has nothing to do with the Shockwave Player of Adobe that is a totally different program. When the Adobe Flash plugin crashes, Chrome loses its ability to display the multimedia content, a common issue prevailing across all major versions of Windows.

What’s the Major Cause of a Shockwave Flash Crash?

Unlike Firefox and other browsers, Chrome already comes with a built-in Flash Player version that is always updated by the browser automatically. So, a Chrome user does not have to download the standalone Flash player version that is always meant for non-IE users. But in case you are using Firefox or any other browser along with Chrome, you will surely have to install the standalone version that can interfere with the Chrome’s integrated version to cause a crash.

What are the Different Ways to Fix the Shockwave Flash Crash in Chrome

First, you need to determine whether the above stated reason is the real culprit for Flash conflict. To do so, go to the Plug-ins page by typing chrome://plugins/ in the Address bar of Chrome. This will display a list of plug-ins installed on your machine.

How to Fix Shockwave Flash Crashes In Google Chrome

Now, look for the Flash entry in the list. In case you find an entry as Flash (2 Files), know that the culprit of shockwave Flash crashes is a conflict between these plug-ins. For removing the conflict, you will have to disable one of the plug-ins. To do so, click [+] Details in the upper right corner of the page and come back to the Flash entry.

Fix Shockwave Flash Crashes In Google Chrome

Now, you will see the details of both the plug-ins, of which one represents the internal Chrome installation in the Chrome’s Application folder. It is this plug-in that you will disable by clicking the Disable link. Finally, restart Chrome and test the browser by visiting a Flash page. Kindly note that the automatic updates will now not be available with each Chrome upgrade. So, you will have to look for them on the Flash download page.

Fix Shockwave Flash Crashes In Google Chrome

Second, sometimes, the Shockwave Flash crash might happen because of your sound drivers. In that case, open Device Manager, uninstall the sound-card device, and restart your machine. You can now reinstall the driver again by visiting the card’s manufacturer Web site. However, Windows 7 and Vista will do this task for you automatically. Similarly, do ensure that the graphic drivers are also the updated ones.

Third, the data-packed browser cache and history might also result in a Shockwave flash crash. So, try clearing it to fix the problem. Fourth, a shockwave crash might take place if Bluetooth is managing your video streaming. In this case, you will have to remove BtwVdpCapFilter1.dll that is located in your C:\Windows\System32 folder.

Well, we hope that one of these ways will definitely help you in fixing the Shockwave flash crash problem. Have you tried any one of them? If yes, then kindly share your experience with us.