How To Force Reboot and Quit Apps on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

The devices that use operating systems always run the risk of slowing down or freezing abruptly. On some occasions, no logical or acceptable reasons can satisfy why the system slowed down or hung up. This can happen to computers and even to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad because all these devices use operating systems.

Force Reboot and Quit Apps on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

Application Freeze

People who use the iPhones are more likely to experience the application freeze. An app freeze is when the app stops responding completely and there is no process of any kind. That is the same as a computer hanging. In such a case, the best option is to attempt the app to force it to quit itself. More often than not, this should work for you. But at times, the app just does not quit. This means that the entire device is frozen. Then, there is only one choice left and that is to reboot the gadget itself.

Force an App to Quit

You can force the apps to quit. There are two methods of doing this. You can either do it manually or use software. If you want to use software for forcing the apps to quit, remember that it works only with devices that the iOS 4 compatible and support multitasking. If you have such a device, only then you can use software to force the app to quit.

Force Quit Apps Using Task Switcher iOS4 Only

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Quit an Application with Task Switcher

iOS 4 has multi-tasking enabled. So all you need to do is to evoke the task switcher. You can do so by hitting the ‘Home’ button two times. Upon that, hold down the app that you wish to quit. Hold it down until the icon of the app jiggles. Then, a small dash “–” appears on the top left corner of the app icon. Press it and you will quit the app.

Quit apps Manually

You will have to quit the apps manually, only when you are using an older version of the device that does not support multi-tasking. On newer devices, this works as if you are forcefully quitting the apps. Follow these steps to quit an app manually:

Hold the Sleep/Wake button to the top

Hold until a red slider appears

Quit apps Manually

Once the slider shows, leave the button

Finally, hold the home button and the application will force quit

Reboot Your Gadget Normally

The Sleep/Wake button comes into play here again. Hold the button down and wait until the red slider becomes visible. Now the device is off. Hold the same button again until the device is back to life once again.

Force the Device to Reboot (Manually)

Sometimes, your device might freeze completely and you cannot do any activity. This can happen once in a while, though not too often. However, if you were to stumble upon such a situation, you will have to force the device to reboot manually.

force reboot manually

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Hold down the Sleep/Wake button along with the Home button. The device will reboot itself. Once it starts, let the buttons go and you are ready to use it normally again.