How To Generate A System Health Report In Vista

Have you ever wished to play a role of a doctor? Well, you might not be eligible to check human bodies due to lack of degrees and studies, but you are yet a qualified doctor to check the health of your PC or laptop, and that too, without any degree. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Well, you will certainly thank Windows Vista for giving you an opportunity to act like a guided doctor who can examine the health of the PC or laptop regularly to ensure that the machine is always stable to offer peak performance. Well, let us explore this feature in detail now!

System Health Report Makes You The Doctor Of Your System

I am talking of the new diagnostic tool that is incorporated into Vista for the first time! This is the System Health Report tool, a diagnostic feature that facilitates a comprehensive analysis of the system’s condition as well as its behavior. The most valuable function of this tool is that it also offers suggestions or ways to streamline the operation and boost the performance of the system apart from simply revealing the health status.

System Health Report Digs Makes You Analyze Your System For In-Depth Introspection

According to Nick White, who is the Microsoft Product Manager, says that among all the useful diagnostic capabilities of Vista, its ability to create a System Health Report is the favorite of the Microsoft staff. Let us now check out why.

Just as a doctor can perform an in-depth diagnosis of a patient, you as the end user can peep into the every corner of your system to know what’s happening within it via this tool. The System Health Report consolidates information from all the parts of your system by using the Performance and Reliability Monitor and summarizes the inputs as a report for emphasizing on the current status.

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The Health Report tool produces a detailed report revealing the status of system response time, network availability, local hardware resources, and processes apart from the configuration details and warnings. This report then aids you to diagnose the health of your PC and improve the same by considering its revealed solutions to uproot the problems affecting the overall health.

Gathering data for 60 seconds for generating a report, this diagnostic tool shows up several reports in an easy to understand form. By this, I mean it displays the details into categories (each acting as a different report) such as CPU, Memory, Disk, Network, Warnings, and Software Configuration.

System Health Report Catches A Small Issue Before It Turns Into A Big Problem

Do run this tool even if you find no apparent issues, as this proactive step can curb the occurrence of a big issue. For example, let us assume that your anti-virus software has expired and you have totally forgotten about it. So, if you run this tool daily at least once, you will come to know about this instantly.

System Health Report Is Visible In Just A Few Clicks

To access this tool, just enter Performance in the Start menu’s Search box to go to Performance Information and Tools.

From here, select Advanced tools 

Generate a system health report.

The report is generated in a minute and  would be generated with all the information.