How To Get Back A Lost Smartphone

It is not uncommon to hear about phones getting lost or stolen. You might have no interest in what is happening with the phones of others. However, when you get to hear about your phone been stolen on one fine day, it can make a chill run down your spine.

But hey! Wait a minute! You no longer have to experience such a chill, as this article will tell you about how to deal with such a situation.

Put GPS Technology To Test

If you know GPS, you must be aware of the fact that it helps in locating your smartphone. So, now it’s easy to catch your culprit no matter where she or he is. In case of a smartphone with iOS 4.2.1 or Android, just utilize the Find My iPhone feature, which will charge you nothing for finding one of the most valuable things of your life. The procedure is quite simple: Install it, log on online, and use its GPS coordinates to spot your phone’s current location.

With the above way, you can act a bit smart to get your phone back by paying $3.99 for GadgetTrak that is solution to see the offender via photos. Even more popularity has been gained by iGotYa due to its fake-out mode apart from sending the photos of the thief.

In this mode, the thief is allowed to access the smartphone so that she or he is less prone to wipe the content or shut down the phone, which offers you more time to spot her or him.

If you are an Android user, Where’s My Droid is an ideal solution to spot your lost or stolen smartphone. All you need to do is to text the device using a fixed code-word to enable GPS automatically for sending coordinates and playing the ringtone at the highest volume level.

There is also something called as Plan B whose most admirable feature is installation on your lost phone. With such a free service, you can receive the tracking updates via GPS. Isn’t that cool?

If you know you have forgotten your phone at a famous place such as college or library, there are chances that a moral person would have found it. In such a case, StuffBak can facilitate this person to return your smartphone safely and that too for free. To encourage this, you can offer a money prize to anyone who returns the phone back to you.

If you want the benefits of phone tracking, thief photos, and instant removal of sensitive data; then you can go for Prey that is a compatible and free solution for Android phones. It also provides more features such as SSL encryption and reports.

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Another way is to configure the latitudes on iOS and Android smartphones to keep updating the location in the background. The benefit of doing so is that you can check this online as well. Just log on to the site of your carrier and check out whether the thief has used your phone by making calls or sending messages. This can act as a good proof for the police.

Reduce The Probable Damage

Unfortunately, today’s thieves are smart enough to shut down phone and remove the SIM card. This actually makes the above stated methods useless. In this case, you can check out as to whether you can wipe your confidential data although you might not able to get your phone back.

First, change the passwords of critical services that you use from your phone. These services can include Gmail, bank accounts, PayPal, Yahoo, Facebook, and so on. Next, deny access to the smartphone via services such as Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, inform the service provider that your phone is lost or stolen to get rid of unwanted charges. And yes, before I forget, there are carriers that offer you insurance in case you have a police report.

So, you can now heave a sigh of relief with these measures, as you have three options: get your phone back, delete all confidential data for zero access to critical tasks, or be insured for the theft.