How To Get Basic Access to WHS from An iPhone or iPod Touch Without Installing Apps

The Windows Home server rocks when it comes to its ability in sharing the files remotely. If you have iPod Touch (preferably with iOS 4.0), iPhone or even a Smartphone with Internet access, you can easily access the files on your machine.

It is possible with the Remote Access from the Windows Home server. The good thing is you can share your files without installing extra software.

Setup Remote Access on WHS

You will first have to set up Remote Access on the Windows Home Server, if you have not yet done it. To do this, open “Settings”, select “Remote Access” and click on “Turn On”. The wizard will instantly start. It configures the UPnP standards and checks if your website is remotely available. You will get a message about the successful configuration.

turn on whs

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Now, after the configuaration process, you need to continue with the procedure of setting up a Domain Name Setup Wizard. In this Wizard, you have to type in your ID and password. Select a domain name and finish the wizard.


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Once done, click the “Details” button. It would be good to see the details before verification because the next step involves verification from you to check if all the things are working accordingly.

Access WHS from your iPhone or iPod Touch

After you finish configuring the Remote Access and the Domain, you can access it from almost anywhere you want, provided you have the internet connection. You can access the same from iPod Touch, iPhone or any gadget that supports internet connectivity.

Let’s Test it on iPod Touch

First, open the browser on the iPod Touch. Then, type the address to the Home Server that you created when you were enabling the Remote Access in the steps above. This will take you to the Home Server where you need to log in. Just tap the “Log On” button to the top right corner. To log in, enter the correct username and password combination.

Once you are logged in, you can access the shared folders from the Server right on your gadget. Recorded TV, Photos, etc. are some of the options you will see on the screen that you can browse through. You can view the photos that are on the Server. You can even view images in the PDF format as well. When you are viewing images in the PDF format, you will also notice an option for opening it in iBooks.

If you open the same image in iBooks, you should notice that the image looks a lot cleaner and brighter then. What’s more, you can save all such PDF images in the iBooks library as well. When you select the file, just click on the “Download” arrow. Tapping on the desired file icon, will open the file for you read.

You can read MS Word documents, view PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets too. However, the only drawback is that you cannot edit any of the files there.

Currently there is no option to access any type of media file if you are using the Safari Browser with Remote Access. However, with various options under consideration, this problem should be solved in the near future.